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St. Vincent's Masseduction

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, May 1, 2016.

  1. I only discovered St Vincent with the last album, which I adore.
    I'm struggling with the new songs and don't love the album on first listen.
    It could be one of those albums that gets better with repeated listens, I won't give up yet...
  2. But it’s definitely part two of this:

  3. What a record. She is a genius.

    And Smoking Section... Holy god that song has ended me and i’m so glad. It is like a darker, creepier Hyperballad.
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  4. First off I really like it. Also do the synths on Sugarboy sound kind of like Future Lovers by Madonna sped up to anyone? (not that it's a bad thing).
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  5. Why would she do this to my scalp?
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  6. She can’t turn off what turns her on.
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  7. Wow, Slow Disco is gorgeous.
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  8. It is the most gorgeous ballad/low tempo song she has done since The Party. It helps that they exist in the same universe.
  9. K, this is ridiculously special.

    Like, Night Time My Time, Body Talk, Night Work, Kala, whokill special.

    It never lets up, either. So impressed/grateful.
  10. Hang On Me I loved, and Pills had me acting as if I didn’t have it on loop since it came out, but when the title track came through 0B1B7F56-5591-4907-BF89-F5343C54DDFD.jpeg
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  11. ^Right? And then Sugarboy right after? I can keep's relentless even beyond that (aka for the whole album).

    42 brilliant minutes. This is worth all the hyperbole.
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  12. Well this album is a complete triumph! I'm in love with it, and Annie of course. Sugarboy is giving me Garbage Version 2.0 vibes at the moment.
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  13. Not even halfway through but Sugarboy gives me Prince by way of Ray of Light Madge. I can't.
  14. There's definitely a Prince vibe throughout the record
  15. Holy hell this album. Can I get one week where my scalp isn't ripped off by someone? Wolf Alice, then Kelela, now this...
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  16. I listened to this before bed last night and was fairly blown away.

    It wasn't easy to sleep without a scalp but it was worth it.
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  17. This is good! Never listened to her before. Am definitely understanding the Garbage references.
  18. I’m about to dive in but this description has me absolutely elated.
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  19. WaiT at Sugarboy sounding like Madonna’s Future Lovers on coke.
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  20. I can't believe St. Vincent really just gave us a Prince x Madonna record.

    I'm so used to giving and now I get to receive.