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Stand-In Rehearsals

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by A&E, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Isabelle and Josephine for Melfest 2019 to be honest. Add Renaida too and we can get the Scandi disco bop equivalent of Bang Bang.
  2. Waiting for footage of the 2018 stand-in rehearsals to leak

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  3. Oh wait here's Austria (whoooooooo cares!) already:

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  4. It KILLS me watching these music students pop off...and then it panning out to an empty stadium with no applause.

    Lemme perch for Fuego's.
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  5. A&E


    Best they can hope for is an awkward "shakalak" from Jon Ola Svågerpolitik ddd.

    Edit: eaux the EBU took the vids down already smh.
    @Alfredo & co.: upload to Vimeo please xx.
    @Christer why didn't you ever take down Josephine Thunell's tho?