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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. 1999 CD:UK magazine letters page feels.
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  2. Good work tracking the figures down!

    WOW, I didn't realise they had sold substantially more albums than S Club 7. I never looked into before but instead went with the "mainstream perception" that S Club 7 were more successful. I, of course prefer Steps and only a passing interest in S Club. Interesting that the public perception was and would be to this day that S Club 7 would have been the more successful of the two. The sales figures speak for themselves. Steps never fail to impress and surprise me
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  3. Anyone remember buying smash hits for the instrumentals CD they would include I bought it loves got a hold on my heart instrumental
  4. Yeah they were still several thousand short even if they'd added those early sales.
  5. It always struck me as odd that Steps weren’t asked to do a Comic Relief or Children In Need single.
  6. The BBC connection did very well to the perception of S Club 7 - however I don't think they got a very good deal out of it.

    Of the manufactured 90's boom in Pop the archetypes are arguably
    Boys - Take That
    Girls - Spice Girls
    Mixed - Steps

    They all paved the way for acts following a template and many who milked the template for better gains - sales, chart success - but I'd argue those three have a greater degree of affection in the public consciousness which allows them to come back with greater success

    Obviously Steps aren't in the same field as Take That or the Spice Girls - but mixed sex groups are a harder concept
  7. I also think that the way each of those groups disbanded adds to their legacy and the public fondness
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  8. Am I misremembering or did Steps once perform Heartbeat back in the day minus H but in their Better Best Forgotten costumes?
  9. YES.

    This is literally one of my earliest Steps memories, how funny you should remember it.

    It was on some sort of kids Saturday morning TV show. But the way that I remember it is it was Lee that was absent, but he came later on in the show and they performed Better Best Forgotten as a five-piece.
  10. I agree. I don't think the band members THEMSELVES got a "good deal" out of it. Financially the members of S Club 7 were screwed over. But in terms of bRand "S Club 7" the media coverage/deals helped raise the profile and therefore increased sales and led to higher profits for the puppet masters behind the scenes.

    Steps on the other hand, held their own in terms of sales despite not having it as easy with the media. They also seem to have gotten a much better deal financially as individual members and actually came away with something to show for their four years of record sales.

    I completely agree. Steps didn't have any members "leave the band" but rather "just split whilst on top" (ofcourse this isn't 100% accurate but at the time this is largely effectively what happened). Also, I think Steps are more likeable/relatable as individuals than S Club 7 ever were.
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  11. Thank god I've been driving myself crazy. I knew it was one of them not there, I think I always just secretly hope it's H.
  12. I think the false perception that S Club 7 were bigger than Steps is because they had their big iconic hit much later than Steps did. When Don't Stop Movin' came out, it felt like S Club 7 had overtaken Steps. But in the long-run Steps definitely win.
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  13. Singles sales to June 2009

    5,6,7,8 315,630
    Last Thing On My Mind 328,733
    One for Sorrow 398,474
    Heartbeat / Tragedy 1,151,951
    Better Best Forgotten 340,060

    Love's Got a Hold on My Heart 292,414
    After the Love has Gone 166,967
    Say You'll Be Mine / Better the Devil You Know 271,588
    Deeper Shade of Blue 170,667

    When I Said Goodbye / Summer of Love 163,554
    Stomp 167,951
    It's the Way You Make Me Feel 176,326
    Here and Now / You'll Be Sorry 113,890

    Chain Reaction 255,914
    Words Are Not Enough / I Know Him So Well 112,664

    Album sales to April 2017

    Step One 1,403,404
    Steptacular 1,292,466
    Gold: Greatest Hits 1,131,168
    Buzz 705,390
    Ultimate Collection 240,848
    Light Up The World 20,015
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  14. It's still so weird that Tragedy was out for like, 7 weeks before it got to #1.
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  15. Good point but I also think it equally if not more so had to do with the fact they had media on their side. They got radio play when Steps didn't. They launched their career/first single with their own glossy weekly TV drama on CBBC on BBC One (basically primetime TV for their target market). They had follow-up TV drama series on BBC. They were 'awarded' the BBC Children In Need single two years in a row. They had the backing/funding and influence of Simon Fuller/management off the back of the Spice Girls. They also were taken a bit more seriously/respected by the mainstream media and in turn the public than Steps ever were. All these things in my opinion create this perception. Not just one hit single.

    Steps of course outshone them despite all this...and still are.
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Is this footage from their first tour (and one of their first live performances)?

  17. it's from some kind of roadshow tour but it's not from Step One.
  18. MTV Five Night Stand
  19. I’m sure this was on either light lunch or late lunch on channel 4 with Mel & Sue?
  20. I used to have the MTV 5 Night Stand gig on a video somewhere. They did Last Thing On My Mind and One for Sorrow too (and possibly Tragedy) and of course this...

    Ooft I just found this from Blue Peter, live vocals and Claire's bad hair day. It's magical:

    Christ I'm quickly disappearing down a Youtube rabbit hole of their videos and performances. Summer of Love is such a well executed video. That's song is still a banger.
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