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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. The next album needs To Deserve You to be Track 10. And there will be a next album.

    It's a perfect sad bop for them, it's not too well known except for the gays. It wasn't a monster smash and it ironically deserves to be one.
    It was tailor made for the girls.

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  2. Not possible.
  3. SAME. I am FURIOUS. I knew they'd fuck up.
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  4. Both my cds came - the signed copy and the unsigned copy that you could get with tour tickets.
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  5. The melody of Story of a Heart is pure magic. Such a joy to sing along to.
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  6. Has anyone from the US ever ordered anything from Music Glue? Just wondering how long I'll be waiting on my vinyl. I'm assuming it's coming from overseas, so I'm not expecting it for at least a week :/ So jealous you all are getting your copies!!!
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  7. Happy and Firefly have stolen my weave.
  8. There's a bit in Happy, where every time I hear it I almost start singing, "I wont cry for all the hunger in my heart" from Girls Aloud's Call The Shots.
    Anyone else hear that? It's the key change into the bridge.

    Happy is an absolute sad bop though!
  9. Actually Happy is Girls Aloud Tangled Up era magic featuring ABBA realness and a serving of Euro Disco.
  10. Makes me wish Girls Aloud would stop fucking about and do a full on 2017 album where they just *get* what makes them so incredible, like Steps and All Saints have
  11. #33 on iTunes in Canada. I am shocked!!
  12. Maybe they'll all have an epiphany like what happened to Nadine during the reunion.
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  13. Peter Lorraine has such a fabulous track record doesn't he?

    Imagine being the guy who brought Steps and All Saints back in to the 21st Century, managed The Saturdays, was the head of Girls Aloud's record label and to top it all off - invented the Spice Girls' nicknames. The dream.
  14. My fault actually. I just checked my reference with the emails and the unsigned one is from the album I bought with my tickets. If you bought one with your tickets check the reference in the top right hand corner and check it against your ticket confirmation email. The albums, signed and unsigned are dispatched from the same place. It means my other one hasn't arrived yet.
  15. #12 on US iTunes Pop too. Ridiculous.
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  16. for the next album that people are talking about....i reckon steps should just spend time in sweden and cover all the melodifestivalen greats <3
  17. I've just sent Music Glue a SCATHING email for sending me an unsigned copy and then realised it was the version I ordered with the tickets and forgot about...
  18. No, we don't need anymore covers!
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  19. scared of the dark is number 11 on uk iTunes...following the this morning performance which was AMAZING. i loved their styling and H was toned down
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  20. I love customer service.
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