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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I was about to do the same and then decided to check first. Easily done though - it would have been nice if they'd put on the advice slip that it was the version bought with the tickets.
  2. My copy of the album from Ticketmaster has arrived, didn't expect it to be on time! Love reading all the thank yous and I'm so glad they have the lyrics in there too.
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  3. course we do...we need steps version of this GEM
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  4. My vinyl has arrived from Music Glue. Didn't order a signed one and it's purrrdy!

    The vinyl itself has a weird pulsating effect in it, like it's melted inside or something.

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  5. Me after hearing all of Lisa's amazing verses. Pulsing and melting.
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  6. I looks like they asked Star Lily to paint it with mummy's nail polish! What the hell.
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  7. The artwork looks incredible. Is the vinyl exclusive somewhere or they did a standard commercial pressing?
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  8. Happy is immense.They should have done one final chorus with the "used to be happy" in the background.
  9. Here's perhaps a better shot of the effect on the neon blue vinyl:

  10. I have to give it to Steps the production on their version of No More Tears On The Dancefloor is so much better than the Darren Hayes demo and the Thomas Anders version. It feels so much better produced. They really improved it.
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  11. It looks like someone sprayed luminol on it to detect blood spatter.
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  12. <Insert vicious catfights over verses joke here.>
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  13. I've seen the vinyl on sale in HMV but not sure if the disc is blue.
  14. Good question yeah I ordered mine this morning from Amazon UK hmmmmmm.
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  15. Just watched the This Morning performance really good, why does Rylan have to ruin everything I like.
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  16. Cos everything is about him. He's the H of TV presenting.
  17. I ordered my copy this morning from Amazon UK and its the Blue Vinyl same as others ordered from other places plus in Store at HMV UK they have stickers on the Vinyl that says its Blue so for now seems all copies come with the Blue Vinyl?

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  18. I feel uneasy with this Rylan bashing - he's been really supportive of the group lately.
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  19. The album is so brilliant. Everything about this reunion has been perfectly done.
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  20. Yeah, I think its only available on blue vinyl at the moment.