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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Can't find the morning performance anywhere. Is it a tv channel exclusive or something? Which channel was it on? Thanks.
  2. Nnñ I can picture Dinah Nah singing 'You Make Me Whole'. It sounds like a Eurovision song.
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  3. Does I Will Love Again sound any less like it was recorded under water on the CD?

    I need to let it go!

    We need to get to the bottom of this though. How did it get past them? Otherwise everything has been flawless.
  4. Despite being a dick!!
  5. They're doing #TOTDListeningParty on twitter and it's now in top 5 trending. Kings and Queens of chart success on multiple platforms!
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  6. I wonder if the neon blue vinyl glows under UV light!
  7. Gave the album 4 spins during a flight (perfect enviroment for alnum listening!) and it's incredible!
    The mastering or whatever is kinda wonky and floppy and giving me this teas:
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  8. Who did the mastering actually?
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  10. My CD/Vinyl have arrived. Opened. Thankfully scummy housemate who's opening everyone's mail obvs sees no value in a signed Steps CD and vinyl.

    I need to move.
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  12. I'd never heard an album of theirs before, but this is nice!
  13. Uno


    I wish there was a little bit more diversity; it's relentlessly Eurovision.

    But I still love it, regardless.
  14. Oof.

    Imagine being in this position and being able to hear some of their hidden gems for the first time.
  15. It's Not Eurovision!
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  16. The production of No More Tears lets the song down a bit (just isn't as interesting as the Anders album version), and the best part of the song is missing. But I guess that's also me having heard the other version too often.

    Rest of the album is absolutely massive. Well done. It could have been a cheap release to have a reason for touring but it's their best album and has so many instant classics.
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  17. I love that anyone who reads The fucking Sun can say they are an 'embarrassment to Britain.' YOU READ THE SUN.
  18. I'm definitely planning to delve into their discography eventually! I'm only familiar with the big singles.
  19. I think the Anders version sounds awfully cheap.
  20. But the songs are good?
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