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Still in Style: The 1989 Rate, Part 2 (Donna, Cher, Belinda, Taylor & co.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Apr 26, 2017.

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    In another place and time (fall of 2015), @Jeffo ran the glorious 1989 rate, which I helpfully finished for him, pitting the Big Pop Girls of the day against one another. Unsurprisingly, voters began asking why certain albums hadn't made the cut, but the good sis had a heart of stone and refused to budge on ha selections. Even when the voters realized they couldn't fight fate (or Jeffo), they kept their suggestions for a future rate coming like a pack of runaway horses...

    This is that rate.
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  2. The usual rules apply. PM me your scores. Rate each song from 0 to 10, with one extra-special 11. Don't troll. Where applicable, rate whichever mix (album, single, video, 12", rare Assyrian cassingle exclusive) you're most familiar with.

    Donna Summer – Another Place and Time (March 20, 1989)
    Spotify | YouTube
    1. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
    2. When Love Takes Over You
    3. This Time I Know It's for Real
    4. The Only One
    5. Another Place and Time
    6. Sentimental
    7. Whatever Your Heart Desires
    8. Breakaway (US single mix / UK single mix)
    9. If It Makes You Feel Good
    10. Love's About to Change My Heart

    Cher – Heart of Stone
    (June 19, 1989)
    Spotify | YouTube
    1. If I Could Turn Back Time
    2. Just Like Jesse James
    3. You Wouldn't Know Love
    4. Heart of Stone (single mix)
    5. Still in Love with You
    6. Love on a Rooftop
    7. Emotional Fire
    8. All Because of You
    9. Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
    10. Starting Over
    11. Kiss to Kiss
    12. After All

    Belinda Carlisle – Runaway Horses (October 3, 1989)
    Spotify | YouTube
    1. Leave a Light On
    2. Runaway Horses
    3. Vision of You ('91 version)
    4. Summer Rain
    5. La Luna
    6. (We Want) The Same Thing (single version)
    7. Deep Deep Ocean
    8. Valentine (single mix)
    9. Whatever It Takes
    10. Shades of Michelangelo

    Taylor Dayne – Can't Fight Fate (October 7, 1989)
    Spotify | YouTube
    1. With Every Beat of My Heart
    2. I'll Be Your Shelter
    3. Love Will Lead You Back
    4. Heart of Stone
    5. You Can't Fight Fate
    6. Up All Night
    7. I Know the Feeling
    8. Wait for Me
    9. You Meant the World to Me
    10. Ain't No Good

    Lesser Girls
    Singles-only playlist (caveats: uses all album mixes, is still 20 fucking tracks)
    Slimmed-down "hits" playlist (three biggest hits off each album, same album mix caveat)

    I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
    When Love Takes Over You
    This Time I Know It's for Real
    The Only One
    Another Place and Time
    Whatever Your Heart Desires
    If It Makes You Feel Good
    Love's About to Change My Heart

    If I Could Turn Back Time
    Just Like Jesse James
    You Wouldn't Know Love
    Heart of Stone (Cher)
    Still in Love with You
    Love on a Rooftop
    Emotional Fire
    All Because of You
    Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
    Starting Over
    Kiss to Kiss
    After All

    Leave a Light On
    Runaway Horses
    Vision of You
    Summer Rain
    La Luna
    (We Want) The Same Thing
    Deep Deep Ocean
    Whatever It Takes
    Shades of Michelangelo

    With Every Beat of My Heart
    I'll Be Your Shelter
    Love Will Lead You Back
    Heart of Stone (TD)
    You Can't Fight Fate
    Up All Night
    I Know the Feeling
    Wait for Me
    You Meant the World to Me
    Ain't No Good

    Losing My Mind
    Buffalo Stance
    Kisses on the Wind
    Don't Wanna Lose You
    Get on Your Feet
    Here We Are
    Oye Mi Canto
    The Sensual World
    This Woman's Work
    The Best
    I Don't Wanna Lose You
    Steamy Windows

    Will Don't Wanna Lose You prevail over I Don't Wanna Lose You? Will Heart of Stone place higher than Heart of Stone? How many breakdowns will you lot cause me? Let's find out!

    Votes are due by the end of the day on Friday, June 16. That gives you nearly seven full weeks to enjoy these pop gems.

    Good luck, and...

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  3. ~*~*~ Reserved ~*~*~
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  4. Oh I should do that shouldn't I.

    Reserved for results.
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  5. Reserved for reasons.
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  6. Taylor's Heart of Stone and Cher's Heart of Stone both hitting the Top 20 of the Hot 100 within six months of each other in 1990 remains confusing and iconic.
  7. Oh my. Rhythm Nation. Like A Prayer. And seeing several others here. 1989 was lit! I am here. There is definitely a lot of new stuff, but I am here to find the treasures.
  8. I'm here for Belegenda Carslayle.

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  9. Ray


    LESSER for Liza??????????

    I refuse to vote if my 11 ("If There Was Love" or "Don't Drop Bombs" or all other Results tracks) is not included.
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  10. This also meant Diana Ross was left out, which is a pity, but I had to draw the line somewhere.
  11. Ray


    @VivaForever I actually haven't realised you're back!!!!!!!

    Missed you half-nemesis!!! Now go include Results. Or at the very least "Don't Drop Bombs".
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  12. Well, that was certainly a look.
    One I wouldn't be caught dead in but hey-ho.
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  13. The I have just got out of bed and look FABULOUS look.
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  14. Diana Ross released something in 1989?
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  16. ^Not available in the UK.

    This is brand new information to me!
  17. Oh my!

    My favourite Donna Summer and Cher albums plus Taylor Dayne and guest appearances from Tina, Neneh and Dame Liza! Count me in.

    Only one I am not familiar with is the Belinda album but looking at the singles that should be a pleasure to get to know.

    My 11 is immediately obvious!
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  18. Loving Diana and she was amazing live, but she is way out of her league among these songs.
  19. Oh, I'm struggling with mine...

    If I Could Turn Back Time
    Just Like Jesse James
    Runaway Horses
    With Every Beat of My Heart
    You Can't Fight Fate
    Buffalo Stance
    Get on Your Feet

    All strong contenders. It'll probably be Buffalo Stance though.
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  20. There are so many brilliant songs in this rate deserving of it but I always think it's a good sign when your 11 immediately jumps out at you!