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Still in Style: The 1989 Rate, Part 2 - MY 11 WINS (AGAIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Hmmmmm.

    Not sure I have ever registered the difference between the original and Vision Of You 91.

    Was the remix even the version on the Best Of Belinda? I think it was released before Live Your Life Be Free so was just a final re-release from the arse end of the Runaway Horses era rather than anything to do with the greatest hits album which was released over a year later?

    Wikipedia claims it was a "very popular" radio hit in the UK. Can't say I'm convinced.
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  2. I thought Buffalo Stance had no chance so I'd throw Belinda my 11!!! Jokes on me.
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  3. Congratulations!

    20. This Woman's Work – 7.90
    Kate Bush
    Low score: 3 x 2 (@tylerc904, @ohnostalgia)
    High score: 11 (@GhettoPrincess) / 10 x 5 (@idratherjack,
    @Terminus, @unnameable, @A&E, @Oleander)​

    Despite flopping, This Woman's Work is arguably one of Kate Bush's best known songs. An ode on childbirth, it later lent its name to an 8-CD/9-LP anthology of Kate's work in 1990. It was written for the John Hughes movie She's Having a Baby, which featured a cameo by none other than Belegenda Carslayle.

    Despite the song's lyrics, the video featured Kate portraying a woman who is hospitalised after collapsing at the dinner table. According to Wikipedia, there are no fewer than four versions: the soundtrack version, the album version, the single version, and the 2011 version off Director's Cut. My god.

    Maxwell covered the song twice, in his 1997 appearance on MTV Unplugged, then in the studio for his 2001 album Now. His recording appeared in two movies, Love and Basketball and Stomp the Yard.

    You know, I want to get behind this song, because a feminist song by Kate Bush sounds like a dream (even though Kate is dreadfully inept when it comes to feminism). But I just don't like it. It's boring and doesn't have a strong enough melody.

    Incidentally, this is our last 11 until we hit the top ten. On the other hand, every song from here on out did get at least three 10's.

    @unnameable (10) deems it "a colossal classic that beats everything else on both The Sensual World and The Red Shoes combined." Hmmm, no.

    @A&E (10) calls it "one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful songs of all time. The last chorus with the AAAAAHS getting more intense with each verse never fails to make me sob."

    "The vocal range this woman has surprises me every time again," says @Sprockrooster (8). "Great song to showcase it." This, I can't really find fault with.

    "I'm sorry, but this would make me give up," says @ohnostalgia (3). In the middle of childbirth?

    Final word to @GhettoPrincess (11): "Okay so I have to admit I first heard this song through a cover by Maxwell, which is actually very decent, but still in its original form it’s just as breathtaking & beautiful. It’s probably one of the most moving songs for me ever. Painful but cleansing for the soul. BEAUTIFUL!"

  4. Poor Vision of you. One of the greatest songs of the 80s casually tossed in the trash.
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  5. 91 is crap while the original is merely boring. There you go!
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  6. DISGUSTING! Although at least my 11 made the top 20..... Also it would've felt wrong to see it do too well considering she's not one of the featured artists here.
  7. Vision of You is such a gorgeous song. One of my very fav from Belinda, and despite it being "beating a dead horse" (pun intended I guess) for that album to have another single (I kinda miss 2 year campaigns), it just sounds like such an easy hit. Maybe she was just completely donezo stateside, but it is the exact kind of song I would imagine US radio eating up.
  8. Why is Taylor Dayne more popular that Kate friggin Bush?

    It's unfathomable.
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  9. 19. Heart of Stone – 8.10
    Low score: 4 (@iheartpoptarts)
    High score: 10 x 3 (@idratherjack, @Jeffo, @unnameable)​

    This is, of course, a very good song. One of the best of its ilk ('80s power ballads), arguably, not that that's much of an accomplishment. I mean, what competition does it have? Alone and Listen to Your Heart, and that's all, really. Not one of the better genres in music history. It's certainly no Just Like Jesse James or If I Could Turn Back Time, so well done all for at least getting that done correctly.

    Heart of Stone was originally recorded by the beloved but actually rather shit British band Bucks Fizz, who made an entire career out of Eurovision camp. (Shirley Clamp / Alcazar / Linda Bengtzing / Charlotte Perrelli / other assorted Swedes, eat your hearts out.) Though I hesitate to say that because I love Eurovision camp, such as that of the aforementioned Swedes. Bucks Fizz's particular brand just happened to be really bad. They have, at least, given us one of the most entertainingly nasty breakups in pop history.

    You know, that's pretty good actually. Lots better than fucking Making Your Mind Up, that's for sure! Lacking that Cher verve, though, particularly on the "mercy mercy"s. It landed at #50 in the UK and as a result was their final single. Lols.

    Unlike the Taylor song, this one doesn't scold a cold-hearted ex-lover, but rather embraces the concept of a heart of stone, actually wishing for a heart of stone to keep from hurting.

    It was remixed for the single release, but I have a hard time telling the difference, honestly.

    This seems like an appropriate time to talk about the album cover, by the way. Most of us recognise the album by this hopelessly generic artwork (at least it's reflective of the album's hopelessly generic content):
    However, the album was originally issued with this much more imaginative cover:
    It plays off one of my favorite optical illusions, with individual parts making up a larger picture - in this case, Cher and a giant stone heart together form a skull. Why the cover was changed, I don't know, but I have some choice words for whoever made the decision! CDs and records with the original art are in that "not exactly rare but difficult to find" zone, and I'm pleased to say I own one (a CD, that is).

    Despite underrating this choon, @A&E (6.5) shares my favorite part: "Pleasant if not very memorable but the MERCY MERCYYY bit kinda salvages it."

    @Sprockrooster (8) calls it "The best 'Heart of Stone' in this rate," which I agree with.

    "I enjoy the softer side of Cher," reflects @ohnostalgia (9).

    "Who knew Buck’s Fizz back catalogue could be robbed so profitably? Someone on Cher’s management team, that’s who." Thus spake @unnameable (10). @tylerc904 (7.5) was less subdued: "Snatch that Bucks Fizz flop, queen!"

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  10. 18. Kisses on the Wind – 8.13
    Neneh Cherry
    Low score: 6 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @phoenix123)
    High score: 10 x 4 (@VivaForever, @SmashHitter, @ohnostalgia, @Jeffo)​

    I probably should've given this a 9 instead, but oh well, whatever. It's a lovely frothy, light summer pop bop.

    Lyrically, it's about a teenager with the blessings/curses of being unusually attractive, being unusually mature, and looking older than her age (the first and last of which are probably code for "BIG BOOBS," let's be honest).

    I like to imagine Raw Like Sushi as a concept album, the soundtrack to a musical never made about the people in an inner-city neighborhood. In this musical, So Here I Come serves as the anthem of the protagonist (the speaker in Buffalo Stance), while The Next Generation acts as the overall theme song. The subjects of Inna City Mamma, Manchild, Kisses on the Wind, and Outré Risqué Locomotive are secondary characters. Fund it @ohrohin.

    "The excesses of puberty are rarely commented on so vividly as by Neneh," says @unnameable (9).

    @ohnostalgia (10) is a woman in search of a train: "BRB, downloading Raw Like Sushi."

    Oh, that's a different mix, isn't it? Looks like it was remixed for the UK single release, though the US just got the album mix. Never knew.
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  11. So I go away for the weekend and you guys kick out my 11, but I love that the elimination post has a One Direction song in it. Oh, and the pre-chorus is most definitely the best part!
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  12. 17. Love Will Lead You Back – 8.17
    Taylor Dayne
    Low score: 6 x 5
    High score: 10 x 6​

    Nooooooo! No no no no no! You horrible unfeeling people. *sniffles* This was one of my almost-11's, and I'm utterly disturbed it's missed the top 10. Have you no souls?! This is a beautiful song that shows off Taylor's voice incredibly well. And it has beautiful lyrics about the conviction - maybe misplaced, though Taylor doesn't seem to think so - that the one that got away will return. Have you lot never pined for a lost love? Or do you merely prefer Katy Perry singing about Josh Groban? Or perhaps Natasha Bedingfield? (I have to admit both of those songs are spectacular. Easy 10's.) Either way...


    Even NOTED BALLAD HATER @iheartpoptarts gave this a 10 - yes, I checked that that's correct - so CLEARLY y'all are in the wrong.

    "This kinda reminds me of Jem & the Holograms," says @GhettoPrincess (6). Uh... okay.

    "Congratulations, it's a ballad," offers @ohnostalgia (6). "Thank you for a lovely ballad, Ms Wunderman," elucidates @unnameable (8), who even knows Taylor's real name.

    @A&E (6) says it's "Nice enough but Mariah would improve on it 2 years later with Can’t Let Go." Lies!

    "Diane is such an extra queen and I live" - that's @Sprockrooster (9) summing up a good quarter of this rate - "cause this woman writes like the perfect over the top dramatic ballads."

    We'll end with @tylerc904 (10) because this anecdote actually made me laugh out loud: "She did a 45 minute outro to this one when I saw her live two years ago, so now I think about that and chuckle every time (she literally said 'I’m not done yet' when people started walking out). A really epic ballad in general." Only a legend.

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  13. 16. La Luna – 8.20
    Belinda Carlisle
    Low score: 5 (@iheartpoptarts)
    High score: 10 x 4 (@SmashHitter, @Remorque, @unnameable, @A&E)​

    Someone commented in my Belegenda rate that this song is fucked up because she sings about "the streets of Marseilles," a city in France, then turns around and sings about "la luna," which is Spanish or Italian, and I've never since been able to hear the song without thinking about that.

    It gets off to a bit of a boring start but it really does bop... I should have given it a 9 rather than an 8. It took me till now to come around to it though.

    "It is about time this guitar-driven Latin-pop got a revival in music, because I need more!" says @Sprockrooster (9).

    "This is the only single that doesn’t really scream favorite," confides @tylerc904 (7). "Still an absolute jam though." Hmm, would we call this a jam? I'm not sure about that.

    "Sassy," says @ohnostalgia (8.5). Informative.

    "Belinda really wants to convey the passion of being in a tiny bed in a tiny room, and it works spectacularly," says @unnameable (10). I'm going to disagree here? I love this song, but to me it's more "having fun on a night out under the full moon" than passionate.

    "This is probably Belinda’s second most known song in Poland." An odd, random fact shared by @A&E (10). "When I was a kid I used to think she was singing about a lalunia, i.e. a pretty/fancy doll. There was a period where I wasn’t too fond of the song for whatever reason (just tired of it / skeptical regarding the calculated ‘Latin’ vibe / blaming it for the following singles not doing very well) but I’m fully back on board. The noisy violin solo is a #moment." That it is.

    Well that screencap is a bit scary, isn't it? "Siobhan Fahey in the Stay video" teas.
  14. Awwww, but 'Love Will Lead You Back' is so cute, though!

    Life is hard. Watch me get to the top ten and have nothing but 5s and 6s left.
  15. Aside from Vision Of You, La Luna is definitely the only other single from that album that I need to be in the mood for. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I can take it or leave it. The others are undeniable bops and need to be top ten.
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  16. La Luna is my least favorite of the Runaway Horses singles, and really only tops Valentine in my rankings.

    Love Will Lead You Back is such an anthem!

    The Bucks Fizz dragging was not cute @VivaForever, this chorus >> 99% of the rate:
  17. Oh.
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  18. Yeah...
    I agree! (I'm really coming around to their version of Heart of Stone though. Like I said, it lacks Cher's panache, but I can actually understand all the words...)
  19. 15. With Every Beat of My Heart – 8.30
    Taylor Dayne
    Low score: 5 (@GhettoPrincess)
    High score: 10 x 4 (@VivaForever, @SmashHitter, @idratherjack, @Jeffo)​

    (Ah, the good old days when I was haruhisato on Tumblr and apparently
    really shit at choosing a noise filter when making gifs...)

    This is a megabop that has never gotten the recognition it deserves, because it sits right up there with Tell It to My Heart, but it's more pure-pop, so even better. It fully, 100% deserved top ten and you all disgust me. I mean, yeah, we're getting down to brass tacks, but I Don't Wanna Get Hurt and fucking Love's About to Change My Heart making it further than this? It's just insulting. That intro induces euphoria like few other songs this side of... well, Euphoria.

    @unnameable (8) is getting Tori's evil eye: "I feel like I should love this song more than I do, as it theoretically ticks all the boxes, but it doesn’t quite hit the heights of others in this rate." So is @A&E (7.5): "There’s a lot going on in this song and I can’t quite put my finger on it but something just feels off." You are the weakest links, goodbye.

    The only other person who bothered to comment was @ohnostalgia (8.5), and I'm not sure if she was throwing shade, or if Taylor's sizeable bosom just had her feeling especially gay, because all she said was "I enjoyed the video." I actually like the video too. For once (possibly the only time ever, in fact), Taylor's look is such a Viva aesthetic. The bright blonde hair, the pink lipstick and eyeliner,* not wearing a top over a black bralette because you just can't be fucked in more ways than one, dancing alone** - to paraphrase Dame Allie of X, that's so me.

    * Okay I realise at this point it sounds like I'm just describing Barbie? Is Barbie my aesthetic? I do have a crush on her voice actor, whom I met at an anime con and is super pretty but not at all in a Barbie sort of way. What will @iheartpoptarts say?
    ** I just searched "dancing on my own" and TWO Calum Scott videos come up before Robyn, and he has a zillion times more views, and that is why I legitimately hate the world.

    Tomorrow: you all manage to piss me off again.
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  20. [​IMG]

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