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Still in Style: The 1989 Rate, Part 2 - MY 11 WINS (AGAIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. The Barbie aesthetic is never not amazing. *applauds*

    Also, I looooooove 'That's So Us', and I have no idea why we just kicked that one out.
  2. 14. Get on Your Feet – 8.33
    Gloria Estefan
    Low score: 5 (@Sprockrooster)
    High score: 10 x 4 (@VivaForever, @SmashHitter, @idratherjack, @Oleander)​

    This is, frankly, ridiculous, particularly coming on the heels of With Every Beat. Get on Your Feet is an even bigger bop that also nearly took my 11 (in fact, came much closer than With Every Beat), and for it to place lower than I'll Be Your Shelter, The Best, and the previously mentioned Donna songs is a total embarrassment.

    It is in sort of a similar vein, which could explain why three of the four 10's are the same (and previous 10-giver @Jeffo gave this a 9.5).

    "This has aged pretty well," notes @unnameable (8). @ohnostalgia (7.5) is less kind, saying, "Exercise commercials must love Gloria."

    @tylerc904 (6.5) says, "Instantly think of Leslie Knope, cute bop," and I would have no idea what that referred to were it not for the good efforts of @Oleander (10). "Much like Pocketful of Sunshine will forever be associated with Easy A for everyone, for me this song will forever be tied to one of the best scenes from Parks & Recreation."

    Well then. It also featured in this viral video of then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, er, going crazy.

    Live in 2003 (Gloria actually shows up around the 1:15 mark):

    Performance by the On Your Feet! cast:

    All right, why the fuck did anyone think that Cher Lloyd lookie-likey was worthy of playing Gloria when she can't even sing? (That "get up and make it happen" is truly painful.) Also, kii at the official On Your Feet! channel relying on a TV rip of their performance and not even managing to fully cut out the commercial before.
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  3. There's one song in this rate that totally gives me TV/radio commercial. We haven't done away with it yet!
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  4. 13. I'll Be Your Shelter – 8.40
    Taylor Dayne
    Low score: 5 (@iheartpoptarts)
    High score: 10 x 6​

    Poor Taylor is undeservedly entirely locked out of the top ten... To be honest though, I'm not that sad to see this one go. I gave it a 9, and yes, it should have placed higher than the songs mentioned in previous eliminations, but to lose it only after Lead You Back and With Every Beat just feels wrong. And I mean, when @iheartpoptarts is the lowest scorer on a Taylor song...

    I'll Be Your Shelter is, you'll not be surprised to learn, yet another Diane Warren song, and it's very generic '80s Diane. I have to say, this one does remind me of Tina. The "I'll make everything all right, make everything all right, and I'll be-ee your shelter" bit is amazing.

    @unnameable (10) is one who'll mourn its exit, as he called it "soft-rock perfection." Noted Taylor Supporter @tylerc904 (10) - and I've just noticed that Tyler and Taylor are only one vowel off - says, "The bridge pops OFF."

    Fan of The Other Taylor @ohnostalgia (6.5), on the other hand, asks, "She's no Tina is she?" I prefer her to Tina actually. @Sprockrooster (10) makes another common Taylor connection: "That vocal delivery is very similar to my queen Anastacia. My queen of sprock definitely took notes from Taylor. I never listened to Taylor before and I am ready to dive in deep, cause also musically (pop-rock) it is similar to what Anastacia brought. Oh my, a whole new treasure box is opened."

    Finally, @A&E (10), everybody. "THIS IS THE ONE. I was surprised Diane Warren wrote it" (???) "because it’s not a keyboard-led ballad but rather a hook-filled midtempo TUNE with some tasty guitars. I love the rhythm of Taylor’s delivery in the verses too. Also I feel like Anastacia loved this song a lot because it is a little like a proto-Anastacia."

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  5. Good riddance!​
  6. With Every Beat of My Heart deserved top 5 and almost got my 11. You lot don't deserve her.**

    **Not @tylerc904 'cause he knows what's up.
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  7. This album was always going to be out first with you lot, but Cher should not have a higher average.
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  8. I don't remember that song, but I saw "soft rock" and I suddenly understand why I gave it a 5. Dance-pop Taylor is what makes the album for me!
  9. 11. Love's About to Change My Heart – 8.43
    Donna Summer
    Low score: 6 (@Sprockrooster)
    High score: 10 x 5 (@SmashHitter, @idratherjack, @unnameable, @Oleander, @iheartpoptarts)​

    Finally. I gave this a 7, but that was so overrating it. The problem for me is the total lack of a chorus. What there is, is amazing, but it's literally one line, and the verses are dull as fuck. I don't understand why this came so far.

    @unnameable (10) must really like that one line: "This one makes me want to sing my heart out when ever it comes on."

    "I used to think of it as a clone of This Time I Know It’s for Real with a slow intro but now it’s eclipsed its predecessor in my eyes." Get taste, @A&E (9). "I’m a sucker for some proper gay house piano, so Loveland's Full-On 7″ Radio Edit is my preferred version."

    "Meh, this seems like a poor echo of her seventies tracks," says @ohnostalgia (6.5), who is of course right.

    @Sprockrooster (6) calls it "Quite boring until that adlib and I am snatched. Yesss!" Putting this last because how often do you have the lowest scorer of a song say "Yesss!" in their commentary?

  10. 11. Just Like Jesse James – 8.43
    Low score: 3 (@iheartpoptarts) - I should have banned you for this hate crime
    High score: 10 x 6​


    This was also almost an 11 for me. This song is just incredibly amazing and is one of the greatest displays of Cher's immense vocal ability. Also, those lyrics. Angsty and resentful and amazing.

    Cher was reputed for a long time to hate the song, but later walked back her earlier comments and said that it's just not one of her favorites, and she finds it hard to sing because it has too many words.

    Just to rub salt in the wound, only three of you bothered to comment on this. At least @unnameable (9) agrees with me, calling it "a damn fine song that completely fitted Cher’s vocals."

    "Get him," orders @ohnostalgia (8.5).

    "I may actually prefer this to Time some days," reveals @tylerc904 (10). "Another absolute knockout."

    Live in 2003, with the aforementioned commentary:
  11. A&E


    Poor I'll Be Your Shellder. I need (We Want) The Same Song, This Time I Know It's the Sole Memorable Line, Losing My Mind, and (We Want) The Same Song out next.
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  12. What about I Don't Wanna Get a Hit?
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  13. 10 Liza - Losing My Mind
    09 Donna - This Time I Know It's For Real
    08 Donna - I Don't Wanna Hurt
    07 Belinda - (We Want) The Same Thing
    06 Belinda - Runaway Horses
    05 Belinda - Leave A Light On
    04 Belinda - Summer Rain
    03 Neneh - Buffalo Stance
    02 Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
    01 Tina - The Best
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  14. A&E


    She knew it was a chance she had to take. (but didn't)

    Well I like it quite a bit but I don't think it'll last much longer battling with Belegenda and classics such as Buffalo Stance, If I Could Turn Back Time, The Best.

    I need Neneh to take the crown.
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  15. What a top ten - it's like an 80s album that you'd see advertised on TV with a voiceover by Mark Goodier, only with added Belegend.
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  16. Ray


    Just checking how "lesser girl" Liza is doing. Very good. Carry on.
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  17. An incredible Top 10, no doubt, but I'll Be Your Shelter, Taylor's Heart of Stone, and Jessie James should be in it.
  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    ECSTATIC Buffalo Stance is still in - that winning and If I Could Turn Back Time and Leave A Light On 2nd and 3rd would be the perfect top 3.

    @VivaForever your write-ups are fab too - and the artwork is goals tibb.