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Still in Style: The 1989 Rate, Part 2 - MY 11 WINS (AGAIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. She's both. Clearly.
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  2. I've created a Spotify playlist for these, which I think is reason enough for a bump (in the night).
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  3. Let me reply and get it up again. Going to use that playlist too. Thankyou!
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  4. I feel like my scores might be a bit all over the place seeing as it's the first time I've heard a lot of the albums. I think the Extras section is my favourite so I'm not sure that's a good indication.
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  5. Considering that it's all singles, that's not really surprising. It doesn't have any album filler to drag it down.
  6. True, I might send you my initial scores in soon and maybe ask for which tracks to give a bit more time to before submitting my final scores.
  7. I've got a long coach journey coming up this week and this playlist will certainly make it more enjoyable! What a collection of top quality pop! Turns out I own everything bar the Belinda album and even then I have 6 of the songs on her greatest hits.
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  8. I have to say playing the Donna album is rather entertaining just for the number of times one of the songs reminds me of another song, whether musically or lyrically. Practically every freaking track.

    Sentimental (a.k.a. So Emotional) being the worst offender.
  9. This indirect SAW shade though
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  10. "Indirect"
  11. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I will be following along as there's too much I don't know but Summer Rain should win and gets my 11.
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  12. And now it is time for your esteemed host's voting statistics!!!

    Donna - Average: 7.10 - High: 10 x 1 - Low: 5 x 2
    Cher - Average: 6.92 - High: 10 x 2 - Low: 3.5
    Belinda - Average: 7.50 - High: 10 x 1 - Low: 5
    Taylor - Average: 7.70 - High: 10 x 4 - Low: 4
    Lessers - Average: 7.73 - High: 11 (10 x 2) - Low: 4

    A mess to be honest. Belinda should be higher than Taylor, and Cher really shouldn't be up that high.
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  13. This direct SAW shade though
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  14. [​IMG]
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  16. I've just made these for anyone who wants a quick(er) taste of the four main albums.
  17. Two weeks in and I've only received one ballot, and I only have three pages? You all disappoint me.

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  18. Popjustice needs deadlines for people to get their act together.

    (and then an extension to the deadline)
  19. "I'm a moderate worker." - The Popjustice Forum
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  20. I listened to this playlist on my coach journey and this is without doubt the best set of songs in any rate I have taken part in on here with not one objectively "bad" song. I don't think there is a song below a 6 personally and am also pleased to report that each of the pop girls got at least one 10 from the idratherjack jury.
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