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Stranger Things (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. It's taken me four episodes to recognise Sean Astin!!
  2. Wow Episode 4... that scene in the park with Nancy and Jonathan was so well directed and edited: The kids playing 'duck' or whatever, the rusty springy toy, paranoia closing in. It was just so good.

    Poor kitty though
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  3. The finale of season 2 - I am SHOOK.

    I forgive any minor issues I had with the season overall. Even episode 7.

    Eleven embracing her Phoenix force!

    Will feeling his Regan MacNeil!

    Fit-bod/shit-hair getting his comeuppance!

    The demogorgan apocalypse!

    Joyce and Hopper reuniting!

    The general cuteness of the snow ball!

    Is it bad that I was more upset by Dart's death than Bob's?
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  4. ^ No, I'm with you on the last point.

    I truly loved everything about the second season, even the seventh episode was enjoyable. I mean I get why people felt a bit iffy about it, but it helped expand the story even further so it's all good. Especially when this season had an extra episode anyway!

    The writers dropped so many hints at Billy being gay, surely that'll be explored In S3?
    I wonder if we'll get a spin-off with the characters as adults?
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  5. Oh my god
  6. I was like WHO IS HE?! I KNOW HIM?

    Then he made a pirate/treasure reference.

    Yes, I thought that too. The way he looks at Steve and particularly that shower scene...!
  7. Plus the red herring when he was flirting with Will's mum by saying Nancy wasn't "his type". Also his father saying to him that he "better not be looking in the mirror at himself like a faggot" ...seemed a bit random.
  8. Oh My God when they're all at college in the 90s. Ddddd think of the soundtrack opportunities!
  9. I'd love them to revisit the cast later in life with some sort of event that brings them all back together. I'd do this in real time though and have the original cast, but older.
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  10. I've heard from numerous sources that that was the initial plan for Season 2 - revisit the kids as college students in the 90s as another completely unrelated 'strange thing' happens to them. But then Neflix & the Duffers responded so positively to the kids, so they decided to maximize that instead.
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  11. They should stick with the kids for now, but maybe at the end of season 4 they could do a flash-forward epilogue?

    - that way the spin-offs can happen as the regular show is finishing.
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  12. That last episode! Loved it. Up there with the OA finale.
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  13. Episode 7 was like an episode of The Tribe. I was half expecting Ebony and Amber to appear at any given moment.
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  14. I thought they had renewed it for a 3rd at the same time as the 2nd, but guess I was mistaken.
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  15. Watched the last two episodes of season 2 tonight and really enjoyed them. I thought season two was massive step up from season one, which was already pretty decent.

    I don’t really get the dragging of episode 7 on here though. Yes it felt different to the other episodes, but I thought it was really enjoyable. It was good to learn more about Eleven’s backstory and linking it in with the opening of the season with Eight.

    The only part of the season I felt let it down a bit was the last ten seconds. It didn’t feel like much of a cliffhanger, or too different to how season 1 ended/how season 2 was previewed. I hope they shake it up a bit for season 3.
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  16. I have two episodes left, but I'm holding off because I don't want it to end.
  17. I'm currently a third of the way through Season 2. I'm really drawn in to this show and the characters. It's been so long that I've been excited to get home and watch a show like I have with this.
  18. I'm definitely going to try to ration out next seasons episodes. I already miss the characters dearly. I don't think I've ever loved a cast quite as much as this one.
  19. I finished it - and am now sad. It just really drags me back to the TV shows and movies of that era and how optimistic it all was, even with horror undertones.

    It's weird I love this series far more for the character interactions and depths than the plotting. Favourite moment remains the scene with Nancy and Jonathan in the park - all that paranoia building. Soooo well done.