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Sugababes: versions 1, 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Screaming. How have I never seen this before!
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  2. Uno


    So y'all were just going to let me live my life without any knowledge of Hot Under The Collar? Jesus Christ, it's so brilliant.

    Should've made the album.
  3. Even after all these months I still don't get this baffling idea a lot of posters here have that having a baby completely ends any career aspirations someone might have. Obviously if they want to stay at home and raise the baby then great, but the way a lot of you carry on, anyone would think that's their life over.
  4. Uno


    It is possible, just ask Sophie Ellis-Bextor; she pops one out after every album!
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  5. Totally agree, Most women continue working right up until their due to give birth and return after maternity leave,My Mother went back to work the week after I was born and my Dad stayed at home,It's not all this black and white theory that a woman has a baby and retires it depends on the individual. Even in the pop world we have seen the Spice Girls, Mutya, The Saturdays,Beyonce etc continue recording/picking up promotion soon after becoming mothers, Maybe people are holding on to the Kerry Katona era?
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  6. It's nonsensical. Mutya is RIGHT THERE to debunk that line of thinking.
  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    What an ugly suggestion.
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  8. There's a range of Mutya Buena Lashes coming out soon - she's missing a trick by not branding them as Sugababes Lashes.
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  9. I like to think Benefit's mascara is an homage to her.

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  10. Mutya bringing out lashes when she needs to focus on her gift wrap empire. Also does anyone remember these?
    They look so tacky, Sweet 7 all over.
  11. Cheap and nasty. Perfect for 4.0!
  12. I'm surprised Mutya didn't release these.
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  13. They look like dildos
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  14. I think the high point of "cheap and nasty" for 4.0 was the birthday card Amelle and Heidi made for Jade:
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  15. Tattoo ink scented!
  16. That set list says Push The Button (with intro) I hope the intro was..
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  17. Imagine getting someone this set for Christmas, I doubt Poundland would even stock it. Although the silhouettes were handy in case of further lineup changes.
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  18. I don't even think I can bring myself to watch this. Why were they in a doctor's waiting room from the set of a porno.
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  19. 'Sugababes' by .... Sugababes. Wow.

    This was worth it if only for that amazing article written about it. I can't remember where it was published, but it was hilarious.
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