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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. I prefer seasons that have likable and memorable cast like Kaoh Rong , instead of being only about strategy like M vs Gen.

    Worlds Apart was horrible, even worse than Redemption Island.
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  2. That was the best episode I've seen in a while. So freaking good.
  3. Yeah it was AMAZING. Michaela is such a queen, Debbie is crazy and Sandra is a huge player. I can't believe she was in 4/5 tribal councils and hasn't received any votes so far.
  4. Oh my god i watched the tribal again and i'm still screaming at '' Shut the fuck up , NEXT '' and she taking a sip and whipping her hair after the votes.
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  5. OH MY FUCKING GOD this show. To go from a batshit twist and move heavy episode like last week's to a character and petty drama driven episode like this one and maintain the same level of entertainment is just unbelievable. The setup of the sugar drama (Sandra breaking the fourth wall! Varner's face!) to its execution at Tribal (Michaela fucking sipping tea @#(Y*! The first bump! "Tell Malcolm you sent him home"!) was just amazingly joyous to watch. With that pitch perfect con, Sandra is undoubtedly the QUEEN, and Michaela as her apprentice princess is an incredible proposition.
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  6. That little moment when Sandra made a funny face to the camera was classic Sandra.
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  7. Worlds Apart is an amazing season despite the predictable post merge.

    Jt was so stupid. He should have played the idol. He didn't even bring it at tribal. The Queen is starting to get on my nerves, she's really playing up more to the camera this time and it's just not my cup of tea.

    While Mikayla was a good early boot last season. I just think returnees should be the real all stars of their respective seasons. Hali, Sierra, Zeke, Brad Culpepper, Troyzan, Sarah and Jeff Varner? C'mon! Whatever happened to Trish Hagarty, Holly, Jane, Jay of last season, Rodney, Alicia Rosa. Baylor and Lisa Whelchel would be more acceptable even if they annoyed me. A lot of these returning players are questionable. Apparently, Sierra is only present because Natalie of the Amazing Race backed out.
  8. JT not even bringing the idol to tribal council is...mind-boggling. Sis.
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  9. I really cannot wait for the twist next week about the returning player. I don't care about Exile, they should have retired that a long time ago but let's see if it will produce good moments.

    The season is good so far. The boolist however concerns me. Jt, Malcolm, Caleb and Tony are deserving returners. A part of me would be sad, if the final six consists of Zeke, Sarah, Hali, Sierra, Jeff and Troyzan. Though I really want the Queen, Ozzy and Cirie to be the next three to be voted out. So I guess I am rooting for Aubry, Tai (in a way), Andrea and the gymnast to go far.
  10. What an amazing episode. Perfect storyline played out perfectly. Michaela sipping her tea. Sandra breaking the fourth wall. Varner delighted to come along for the ride. JT leaving with an idol he DIDN'T EVEN BRING WITH HIM! How does Sandra do it? As much as I love Aubry, the Sandra, Varner, Michaela trio is iconic. It's so weird because the only person really being shown as a front runner right now is Sandra... But there's no way she wins again..... is there??
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  11. Sandra - Michaela - Varner

    The sassiest alliance in Survivor's herstory.
  12. I'm loving Sandra and Michaela so much. Rewatching last week and Sandra saying something like "I know im not going home Jeff HOW ABOUT THAT" and "they ain't got no idol. Girl, please". Love it!
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  13. I thought this episode had a touch of producers meddling. From JT finding the Idol so quick to Debbie's awkward batshit outbursts. It just seemed so off. Then tribal happened and there is no way that could have been made up. The tribals are selling this series. Micheala sipping her tea and flipping her hair? Genius!

    (How the hell did JT ever win his series? I don't remember him being so dumb)
  14. Uno


    This entire episode was so GIF-able.

    Michaela flipping her hair at TC.
    Sandra making the face directly at the camera after talking to JT.
    Debbie freaking the fuck out over literally nothing.
    Michaela sipping the tea-cup with a different facial expression every time.

    So golden.
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  15. I didn't watch last season so is Michaela an actual good player or just someone with a bad attitude that Sandra will string along for as long as she's useful? I absolutely despise Sandra's cockiness but I have to admire her gameplay, JT didn't even bring the idol.
  16. She was great at challenges and a good strategic player last season. However her mouth and attitude can be her worst enemy. She still has growing up to do.
  17. She was so preachy, it annoyed the heck out of me. Her reaction when she got voted was awesome though. I hope to see that same reaction from her soon.
  18. Don't forget

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  19. Appearently there is drama going on between Michaela and JT.And the casuals are doing the most against Michaela because she dared to be cocky after she fooled him that he was safe.It is depressing that people dont want females to be arrogant,bold and cocky when men can do it and be strategic.

    And to begin with i dont know why people can not accept JT is just dumb and he won because he had Taj and Stephen who were great player both socially and strategically and Timbira was just a mess of a tribe.
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  20. I don't even normally watch the series, but I randomly turned it on over my past vacation for right episode because that tribal council where Michaela sipped her tea and flipped her hair was iconic.
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