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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. Yeah, I even saw some people were saying '' It's going to be a boring season after the merge full of women , it sucks that men are going out etc '' while no one was complaining previous season when there were only 3 or 4 women in the merge with 9 men. And that makes me mad cause actually women made some of the most iconic seasons iconic.
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  2. Fuck
  3. I'm distraught. Also what the hell was Tai doing? If only Tai and Sandra worked together, used Tai's idol and tossed Ozzy out the door.
  4. Ozzy is crap at social side of the game though which is the most important aspect of the winning the game .As much i love and stan for her,Sandra would be one my biggest threats if i were on the show with her.She is just so good at sucking people in.
  5. I think they were all playing Sandra and Varner. I mean Tai is not that stupid to mess things up in the tribal council and tell everyone to vote Ozzy!!! when it's not necessary and then not playing any of his idols.

    Anyway, i think Sandra played her best game this season (she said this too) and showed that how huge of a player she is. I loved that clapping at the end.
  6. Yeah people were talking shit about her wins that she would have been the first boot had her tribe ever lost but guess what ? She attended four of the five tribal councils,managed her way out in every one of them and had to be swapfucked to be eliminated.
    When will your white man faves,casuals ??
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  7. Screaming at Queendra casually scalping Russell on twitter

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  8. Russell is a disgusting piece of shit.
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  9. Oh please, Michaela didn't do shit, it was Sandra pulling the strings, all Michaela contributed was a sassy hair flip. And even though I'm glad she's gone, once again I have to applaud Sandra's gameplay of almost turning the tables on Tai.
  10. Well she made JT and Aubry believe that she was going home and he was safe so that is something.And the main point is not even her making a move.It is about how public responds when a female dared to be anything other than the quiet sidekick.
  11. I mean, have you missed all the strong, take charge females that have been celebrated on Survivor, Sandra included? Sometimes it's not misogyny, it's just that Michaela seems useless and hard to be around.
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  12. When did ever general public celebrate or gravtiate towards Sandra though ? All they ever did was brag about how she was against a bitter jury and coattail rider until the end.People even discreditted her being the only two time winner up until-like the episode before this ? People were even mean to her when she dared to oppose Tony.
    The only recent-ish female contestant people adored that was not a cookie cutter female character, is Parvati and she got the femme fatale attitude painted on her character that is well received somehow.There is a still clear double stardard on how people perceive and show portrays (Thank you,Jeffrey) female opponents and male opponents,that was my tangent.I remember how Kelley was called a bitch by rubbing it on Savage whe she successfully used her idol and thwarted 12 votes that was sent her way and got Savage out meanwhile that fucking idiot that got mentioned a few posts before was awarded as the fucking fan favorite for twice.

    Even Michaela being the absolute hardest person to live with does not change that
  13. I am glad that the Queen is not the Queen of this season anymore! Adios. Now eliminate Ozzy and Cirie next then I'm good.

    Though I don't feel happy about the randoms (Haley, Brad, Jeff, Troy, Ciara, Zeke, Michael and Sarah) getting far well except Brad. I hope Aubry, Tai, Andrea and Debbie at least reaches the top 8.
  14. Wow Fuck Varner

    and kinda fuck this season tbh
  15. That was so cringe worthy. The only good thing to come out of this was the overwhelming support Zeke got from his tribe.
  16. God. Jeff Varner was awful! I felt really bad for Zeke to be in that situation.
  17. Uno


    3 time player and can't even make a merge once. Mess.
  18. Meanwhile, Ozzy played four times and also reached the merge four times!

    Cirie is quite lucky in this season. I don't think she ever attended 1 tribal yet. In fact, from her original tribe, JT is the only one that didn't reach the merge.
  19. Wow. I... can't believe I just watched that.
  20. I was so sick and uncomfortable I had to pause in the middle of that tribal and take a breather. I'm still really shaken up. I can't imagine how traumatic it would be to be outed like that on national TV. I was so happy to see the rest of the tribe immediately respond with overwhelming love and support. Survivor still gets tons of viewers so hopefully that love and support makes big waves.
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