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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. I was so happy to see tribe's reaction.Everybody was so supportive it made me tear up a bit.Especially as a gay living in Middle East,i appreciate Sarah's confession a lot.
    How far will you go for one million dollars ? It was a very dark moment on par with Brian using racism to gain allies or Twila saying people would kill for this money.I'm still shaken to my core.
  2. That was a lot. Zeke is a fucking hero, I always loved him as a player but now love him even more for how he handled that.

    Varner is an idiot. I'm sure his head was messed up and they placed subtle hints throughout the episode that playing survivor takes your brain to places it doesn't normally go. But fuck him for doing something incredibly insensitive and cruel.

    The reaction from the rest of the tribe really made me tear up.

    From a game perspective, we may have just seen the formation of an incredibly tight 6 that will work together till the end now.... They formed a bond during that tribal.
  3. Totally skeevy of Varner. I'm glad he got his comeuppance. I never thought much of Sarah but I was moved by how Zeke's story touched her. This season has been fantastic.
  4. I love Cirie so freaking much.
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  5. Glad to see that the latest episode is a 2 hour episode! I am also happy with the boots! The first one is a casting mistake, while the second already got too many chances to play and isn't even that entertaining.

    Queen Sierra and Queen Andrea for the win! Though I am also loving Debbie! Now take out Cirie and Zeke next!
  6. Nooooooo Hali was my winner peak!!

    Cirie is great, I thought she is going to make an alliance with Andrea , Zeke , Michaela , Hali , Sarah and Ozzy for the first tribal and vote out someone from Sierra/Brad alliance but then I realized she is smart enough to not make herself a target early in the merge.
  7. Zeke was so extra about big moves.That cost him two allies.
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  8. I hope he's next. I never liked him.
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  9. I just want to hug her.

    However, can someone explain how she voted against Michaela to save her? I didn't get that at all.
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  10. This seasons peaked way too early. Its a bit shit how all the fan faves have either been chopped pre-merge or are non existent in the edit (aubry, michaela, hali). I also find Debbie's antics to be so rehearsed and fake; can't stand her as a player.

    Cirie for the win.
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  11. I might be stan-blinded but I think she's in a good spot now. She's had issues in the past pre-merge since she's a challenge liability and a strategic threat. Even though she's looking like she's in the minority now, noone seems completely set on anything and I wouldn't be surprised to see her wiggle out on top. Hell, even Ozzy who was dead set on getting rid of her early on was now on her side.

  12. Same here. I liked Debbie in Kaoh Rong a lot but I find her really fake this time.

    Also Tai is still annoying.
  13. Aubry looks so disinterested and that breaks my heart.
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  14. I wish I felt as optimistic lol. She's on the bottom because Zeke couldn't keep his fat ego in check and Sierra's boring brigade seem pretty tight. I would love nothing more than Cirie and Andrea to dismantle that alliance. Fingers crossed!

    Im also actually enjoying Tai this season. He seems to own his scatty game a bit more and you gotta give credit for those idol finds and his amazing display at Malcolms tribal. I honestly wouldn't be mad to see him get to the final/win.
  15. Sierra's alliance has to be the most boring, ragtag group of people ever assembled. I really hope they don't dominate the endgame.

    I love Cirie so much & hope she can recover from the Ozzy vote-out & Zeke's betrayal. It was so refreshing to see her back in her element, succeeding at controlling everything, mothering Mikayla & working her mafia magic.
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  16. Sierra-Brad-Troyzan-Tai-Sarah alliance is what nightmares are made of.Delete it God.
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  17. Yeah I hope the iconic Cirie/Andrea/Michaela/Aubry alliance find a way to beat those boring people who are actually in the majority now.
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  18. [​IMG]

    I wonder when will Aubry's hair count as a contestant
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  19. Seasons like this are dumb because of course all the lesser players are going to band together and snipe out the huge personalities/threats. I don't think Sierra or Sarah have "out-played" Sandra or Malcolm in any way its just nobody... cares about them... lol
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  20. Praying Andrea and Cirie survive the next episode!
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