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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Sorry, my homosexual eyes and homosexual ears can only digest so much heterosexual media at once, so I've not actually watched an episode of Friday Night Lights outside of just seeing it seems to be about lots of straight things.

    In fact, I even got nauseous listening to End Game because of how heterosexual it is.

    I had to cleanse my homosexual self with the only gay-approved pop song featuring Future that I knew of:
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  3. I've listened to the album quite a number of times and I feel like it's a good album. Though I'm still unimpressed by the lyrics and also her take on the drama.

    I keep coming back to Delicate, King of My Heart, Dancing With Our Hands Tied and Call It What You Want despite the royalty references made throughout.
  4. This notion that rappers shouldn't be held to any sort of artiststic standard for features is troublesome and gross in its dismissiveness. Future is not Taylor's employee or contracted worker he's a collaborator and artist who I was under the impression cared about the quality of work he puts out. Nicki didn't give us 8 years of gold (mixed in with some silver and bronze, sure) for this nonsense.
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  5. But Connie Britton & shirtless Taylor Kitsch? Doesn't get much gayer.
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  6. No, he's from The Shire.
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  7. HOWL.
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  8. But it’s not an honest collaboration, at least as I see it. Was Future the best fit for the track? Did he have any input in the composition of the song aside from the writing of his verse? Most likely Taylor was just looking for a rap verse to service the “edgy!” mood of the record. Which is fine and all, I’m just saying Future delivering a subpar effort under those circumstances doesn’t make me think less of him.
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  9. No. We refuse to be blamed for his career.
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  10. I think atleast one of his parents is Irish. He has family near where I live in Cork, he attended his cousins wedding not far from where I live earlier this year. (Or possibly last year, I can’t remember.)
  11. We.
    I heard that too, I just want to deny it.
  12. King of My Heart has already grown on me so much. It's that "malfunctioning West World cyborg discovering what love is" bop.
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  13. The verses from "Dancing with our Hands Tied" are sheer bliss. Especially when those "Stranger Things" synths come in during the second.
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  14. I agree with most of this but I’m neutral on Ed. It’s warm, much more so than anything TS post-Red. The real drum samples, particularly that prominent cymbal, are refreshing. The simple chorused pad playing the main chords is pretty nice, too.

    At least the douchery is sincere.
  15. Her Insta story of her in Target right now having the lols with fans is really cute. I'm such a sucker for #relatable content like that. Make me stan a bit Tay.
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  16. I'm still very much in love with Gorgeous.
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  17. It's so blatantly a Blank Space knockoff, I hate that I enjoy it as much as I do.
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  18. Really? Is it the 808s?
  19. It's like a less clever "Blank Space", but it doesn't hurt anyone, really. It's just kind of there.
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