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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. It's good.
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  2. This is a cringefest. Keep it
  3. We get it, you and Ed have had your first shot of hennessy. MirandaPriestly_groundbreaking.gif
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  4. Taylor drinks now. Did you guys get the memo?

    There are parts of this video that she is not only really pretty but genuinely sexy. Overall its kind of boring. And someone has got to tell her she cant dance.
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  5. OF FUCKING COURSE she's playing Snake on a Gameboy.
  6. I really loved most of her styling in this. So what gives with her live appearances looking awful?
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  8. Goddamn this song is cringey. Video is okay. Not horrible but nothing special. There are tons of videos like this.
  9. imagine going to miami, tokyo, and london to film a music video and it's boring
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  10. I have an Instagram photo of that seating area at the Delano in Miami from 4 years ago. See you in court, Tay.
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  11. She looks hot in that last scene where her shirt is tied up and she doesn't have bangs. Love the dog.
  12. That was something, I guess.
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  13. She was gorgeous throughout this.
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  14. Wasn't Katy spotted filming on the boat with her or something?

    I was hoping she was going to pop up on a jetski and throw down a surprise 4th verse. That would have saved it.
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  15. Taylor had Joseph cut Katy's scenes.
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  16. This video would've been the perfect time for Taylor to assemble the Squad. Imagine if instead of casting random extras in the party scenes, she'd gotten members of her Squad. Imagine the listicles that would follow from Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, etc.
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  17. The girl with short blonde hair around the :47 mark is who people thought was Katy.
  18. Isn’t a theme for this era that the squad is dead. All she has now are paid colleagues and her beau.
  19. I thought that was the squad though