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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Its interesting to see what a U Turn that they have done, away from the high concepts and passive aggressive attitude of the previous videos, to just present a more approachable Taylor just having fun.
  2. She looks so good when those awful bangs are out of her face. I liked her style in those scenes.
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  3. It was pretty I guess but as I’m typing this I’m already forgetting what happened in it. Love that rainbow dress though - LGBT Queen!
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  4. She better not do "Delicate" dirty like she did "All You Had To Do Is Stay."
  5. Her walking down the hallway with Future while he pretends to spray bullets at the camera had me gig. guh. ling.
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  6. The song is so bad. Do people enjoy it?
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  7. The radio has officially gotten me on the side of the song so naturally I hate myself but also the video is pretty and her hair on her verse was rather nice so. Rather this than Ready for It tbh.
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  8. The chorus is undeniable. Love the video too.
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  9. The video is much more serviceable than the RFI one. It’s not trying to be anything more than it is, which is a relief. Ed’s scene is sickening, though.
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  10. Em Japan and London are TOURISTY.
    Opening scene on top of the boat is so Papa Don't Preach.
  11. I agree it’s better than the Ready For It, despite having me cringing throughout a lot of it. But I feel like, something Khan’s videos feels too glossy, the soulless display of money just turns me off a little.
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  12. It looks like a rapper’s video from 2008.. and that probably suits the shtick.
  13. It's not that the video is bad, but I feel like it's the same thing with a different set up. It's cool that she has continuity but I find it very boring now. I wish she experimented more with Joseph rather than always making blockbuster videos with all this ridiculous amount of money. The song has grown on me, though.
  14. Delicate will never be a single. Stay was more of an obvious, radio-friendly choice, but 1989 was wall to wall with possible singles.
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  15. I enjoyed the video, kinda of her way to kiss 2017 away.

    Ed Sheeran was the only weak point in the video and song, he wasn't needed at all.
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  16. I like it apart from the Ed part with Taylor's 'drunk' acting. How can she watch this back, see how sensational she looks in her verse without the bangs and yet no doubt keep them??
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  17. The fact that the "here's the truth from my red lips" line was synced to a shot where she wasn't wearing red lipstick is all the confirmation she needs to get rid of Joseph Kahn.
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  18. Easily the greatest clip of the era: an opulent, neon-coated, all-access ode to global decadence and aimless youth so vivid and immersive it nearly collapses under its own spectacular weight. Shades of Sofia Coppola and Hype Williams abound with delicate precision, whilst remnants of TMZ darlings of yesteryear appear to emerge and drift ghostlike. Surprisingly direct, remarkably alluring, impossibly fantastical. What Pop is all about.
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  19. It is very deniable, even if only for the cringeworthy A Team reference and the fact it leads into that ghastly chant.
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  20. Beautifully shot, but it’s about as interesting as the song. i.e. not very