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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Future kills the song... i would definitely enjoy the song more if it was just taytay and ed (or simply just taytay)
  2. We get it, you don't like rap music.

    I'd much rather do without Ed's verse.
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  3. When Ed's verse finally starts

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  4. Ddddd so the concept is literally, "Taylor is edgy now; she holds AN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE in different cities around the world. BUDGET! SEXY! FIREWORKS! ED SHEERAN AND FUTURE!"

    She's really giving Kelly and Adele a run for the Most Boring Pop Star award. Also, I choked at the 'dance' scene on the boat. Doesn't anyone around her love her? Someone tell her she needs to pick the guitar back up.
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  5. The video was better than I thought it’d be, for whatever that’s worth.

    End Game is still a bop even though I feel like I dislike Ed’s verse more every time I hear it. The song would be exponentially better if Taylor handled both verses. Instead it’s too obviously some white nonsense.
  6. I thought the video was pretty boring, but I really loved all the colors and the night time vibe so at least we have that? She looks great too in various looks.

    I still feel the song makes sense as a single, and I still don't mind it despite the reactions it gets around here. The video feels...so late, this whole campaign is just a confusing mess.
  7. There was kind of a vague New Year’s Eve vibe going on in the video that makes me wonder if “New Year’s Day” is coming next as some sort of continuation.
  8. Clarkson? She may not be Madonna but she has tons of personality and seems to be fun. Mother und horse lover yes but you know all the bops she delivered too?
  9. i like some rap music, this one happens to be NOT one of them
  10. She looked snatched in the one scene without the bangs.
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  11. At this point I’m wondering if she’s going to unleash thousands of serpents on the audience at my tour date.

    “PLEASE welcome to the stage” indeed.
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  12. Why wasn't she wearing red lippie in the line about her red lips? It's bothering me. A basic bop. I'll use whenever it comes on the car radio, no doubt.
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  13. I like the video.

    She looks great, the styling works throughout, and the art direction elevates pretty basic set ups just enough. I also like how it’s a pretty straightforward representation of the setting the entire album lives in: urban / late night / glossy.

    The look on the bridge in London might be the best of the era.
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  14. This album was inevitably going to mark the end of her cultural and commercial zenith (ha Born This Way!), so it’s unfortunate that this is how she chose to step down. And mostly because of... Kim Kardashian.


    To me the fact that Taylor was so devastated by Kim's exposé, and it even affected her career this way, speaks volumes of how shallow Taylor really is. Her last album makes that clear. I've never perceived Taylor's material deep before though.
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  15. For someone who thinks she's in a league of her own, this is very pedestrian and predictable. "Oh look at me, I like to drink and party." She's really exposing her lack of artistic depth with her videos this era. Also, did all the other directors die? Why does she keep on using Joseph Kahn?
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  16. I heard the video came up and I was curious to see if it would be a cringefest like RFI.
    I found myself midway the video staring at the corner of my pc and then realising the video wasn't even over.

  17. A meh video to a meh song.

    Did they just not use the scenes from the kebab shop?
  18. The shots of her in the blue fur were in the kebab shop.
  19. I need to watch it again.
  20. I don’t know why you’d release this crap when Getaway Car (and on-the-nose Drive-inspired neon drenched video) is right there
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