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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. I just hate this song and watching the video feels like a chore I want to put off forever.
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  2. Just played End Game and it's the one song I really didn't like that time I listened to the album from start to finish.
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  3. It does feel very...the monied version of a white girl at a party making damn sure her red cup is front and centre of any photos taken so she can make it her lit profiler everywhere.
  4. You don't.
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  5. You can leave Ms. Clarkson out of this narrative, particularly when she found her postpartum stride with Meaning of Life.
  6. On the one hand it looks nice but on the other it subjected me to Ed's rapping again. The international sorority girl on a gap yeaaah concept was also a strange theme to go with.
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  7. Dd, I was literally gonna say Taylor Swift party scenes in videos always feel like she’s trying to prove she’s capable of having fun.
  8. I’ve only recently got around to listening to the album and it’s not the mess I was expecting. It has mediocre moments, and shit ones too, but it does perk up.

    Dancing With My Hands Tied and Don’t Blame Me should get their moment in the sun. Nice Things, Gorgeous and everything except the chorus of End Game can be removed from existence.
  9. So apparently the concept is that she goes around the world looking for a man and then finds her end game in London...which figures I guess.

    I like the video, the Miami bit looks fab. It reminds me of a hip-hop vid and as someone said, she actually looks sexy in the beach at night scenes. Seems she was inspired by Drunk in Love

    Ed fucking ruins his bit though, why must he be so cringe. And she looks AMAZING in her verse without the fringe, why is not that her hair for this whole era :(
  10. I had thought about a proper old-school bank robbery vid but a Drive inspired video would be AMAZING
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  11. That video left me colder than the cyclone superbomb.

    But where is the kebab shop bit?!


  12. Yes actually, that's pretty close to what I had in my head
  13. Alcohol, hoodies, and eyeliner do the heavy lifting in this video.

    The aesthetics this go around have been perplexing.
  14. RJF


    I feel like she's in a permanent state of delayed adolescence.
  15. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Oh. I love the video. First time in ages she looks like she’s enjoying herself. The song is such a grower too.

    Also, cause I’m in the mood to cause a bit of a mess, here’s the definitive Reputation ranking:
    1. Delicate
    2. Getaway Car
    3. King of My Heart
    4. New Year’s Day
    5. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
    6. End Game
    7. Call It What You Want
    8. Don’t Blame Me
    9. Ready For It
    10. I Did Something Bad
    11. ...Nice Things
    12. So It Goes
    13. Gorgeous
    14. Look What...
    15. Dress
  16. Hating everything about this.

    The song is so tuneless, the video has Ed Sherran in it (yuk) and I hate her kind of rich-bitchy-snaky attitude.

    My appreciation of her is doing a real 180 with this album since 1989 (which I adored for the most part).
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  17. I do love a good ranking:
    1. Getaway Car
    2. Delicate
    3. Ready For It
    4. Don’t Blame Me
    5. King of my Heart
    6. So it goes...
    7. Call It What You Want
    8. Dress
    9. New Year’s Day
    10. I Did Something Bad
    11. Dancing with our hands tied
    12. End Game
    13. Gorgeous
    14. Look what you made me do
    15. This is why we can’t have nice things
  18. My thoughts exactly. Whilst I'm well-aware that the artist-in-question is particularly no one's favorite at the moment, it is quite hard to deny that there is a palpable sense of vivacity and charm within. She genuinely seems carefree, excited, and jovial in the same fashion that we all feel in the midst of heavy hedonism - merely accompanied by grander besties and backdrops. There is shockingly nothing contrived about its aura; it seems ridiculously alive and believable, especially in all of its squared dorkiness.

    Also: all commentary regarding her wealth radiates amusement when we, in fact, worship a genre that celebrates excess and glamour with absolutely no equivocation. The whole video works as a pure vicarious fantasy; let's not pretend as if we wouldn't want to be fucking around across the globe without any responsibilities or concerns, totally absolved of financial ruin. People begging for a humbler, more "relatable" clip showing Taylor sipping lager with her buddies around a bonfire are asking for the same kind of falsehood they feel this video embodies.
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  19. She warned us.

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  20. See, I don’t get “fun” from it.

    22 was fun and joyous and bright.
    This? Not so much.

    It’s so odd that she saw the positive reaction to 1989 and decided that between: the airy and light musical vibes (a la Carly Rae) and the high-budget pop star mechanics of the project, she thought it was the latter and not the former that made people like it so much.

    And I wonder if her public image set backs are what made her double-down and analyze what she thought was her last project’s selling point to go even further with it. I don’t think anyone has ever wished for Taylor to embody the ice cold mean pop queen of luxury role. Like, her presentation of such a trope would never allow for humor and self-awareness. Imagine her saying: “I’m blonde. I’m skinny, I’m rich, and I’m a little bit of a bitch.”

    The mean-spiritedness and heaviness of it all bleeds into the project and it’s not shocking that it’s her worst received across almost all metrics, from reviews to radio to chart longevity.