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The 004 - I Hate This Part legends

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Oct 11, 2017 at 3:15 PM.

  1. When will the Prism leak? Literally never.
  2. You mean The 004 did not invent all these?
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  3. I need Get Sexy to resurface.
  4. I won’t even kick off that it was post-Ximena I will
  5. Janet to "Mike Records"/Ximenia in between takes for the video

  6. Fuck me. That moment made my inner homosexual squeal!

    Their greatest hits advert has a little snippet of 'Get Sexy'.
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  7. what in the name of GOD is this
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  8. So I decided to google Mike’s twitter and stumbled upon this ‘Karaokebar17’ youtube account with some homemade karaoke versions of mostly Spice Girls songs.
    Turns out ̶M̶i̶k̶e̶ the user also uploaded some early 004 covers. The best part is that Ximena is featured on all of these songs. Talent always wins.

    That new and improved intro.

    The lyric changes from ‘boy’ to ‘girl’ in Mike’s part (a true surejan.gif moment if there ever was one).

    Mike assaulting you with his vocals (Jessie J who?).

    And the harmonies! MKS must be seething with jealousy.

    Xinema making noises only dogs are able to hear.

    Janet sounding more bored than Mutya on Red Dress, while also singing like she has her mouth full of water (again, Jessie J who?).

    Changing the lyrics to ‘friends just wanna have fun’ while kicking Ximena out probably not long after is a mess too.


    The channel also has cover versions of True Colours, Eternal Flame, Say You’ll Be There and LeAnn Rhymes’ How Do I Live.
    Unfortunately, Get Sexy is still nowhere to be found

    I need a life.
  9. So much unreleased stuff!
  10. We haven't been this spoilt since Gaga Post-Fame.
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  11. "Some people take a bunch of their friends and hide them away from the rest of the world"
  12. I stan Mike so much.
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  13. I can enjoy it more now I'm disconnected from him. I had to block him on Facebook because he was constantly messaging me asking me to give him quotes for their book/projects/asking me if I'd tweet about them.
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  14. Confirmed: Vas is Mike's groupie.
  15. I know we're all Ximeners, but I'm actually stanning for short-lived member Deborah, the Farrah Franklin of the group. Gone, but never forgotten.

    (Mike has had the best glow up in pop history ever).
  16. Mike for American Idol judge.
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  17. Umm so when's The 004 Rate?!? So many 11s!!!

  18. Streaming legends! One song but still.
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  19. Can someone photoshop Ximena onto the cover? Maybe one of her staring.
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