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The 10 Plagues of Lillieth: The Pokemon Gen VII Rate - WINNER!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by digitalkaiser, Dec 27, 2017.


How would you like Pokemon eliminations to unfold?

  1. All eliminations mixed together!

    15 vote(s)
  2. Alolan Forms eliminated first, the rest eliminated second!

    18 vote(s)
  1. I just saw it as a cross between Miffy and a rock.
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  2. Like, literally someone at Gamefreak had a ‘turn it on and off again’ PC error, bent down behind the computer, saw a bundle of wires and here we are.
  3. [​IMG]
    73. Grubbin
    Average: 4.8875

    11s: that boy is a monster
    : -
    : VitaminBee
    : -
    Winning Guess
    : -

    Chris_P's score: 9
    digitalkaiser's score: 4

    My pretty baby! Look at those big eyes. The body that looks like it's been wrapped up and ready to take a nap. The sleek surfaces along with the more organic elements. Those colors! I mean, I do not actively like the colors but the combination absolutely works for him. Probably the best bug pokémon design ever in my opinion.

    Even bug hater (?) madeofghosts seems to reluctantly concede:
    Just admit it, it's a wonderful design.

    Ugh, don't even go there. Let that abomination be for a moment and let's focus on the positive aspects of this:

    That's my baby!!!

    I am pretty sure this is meant to be an offense, but I have no idea what Jessie J stands for. Is it because nobody even cares to check about her?

    What! No! Don't say that! They can keep eating slowpoke tails, thank you very much.


    Erm, that does not exactly live up to expectations.




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  4. [​IMG]

    Better watch out then, kii.

    a11. Alolan Dugtrio
    Average: 4.9625
    Regular Dugtrio average from the Gen 1 rate: 4.916

    11s: -
    : Blank, VitaminBee, rakija, stuaw, that boy is a monster, LE0Night
    : Chris_P, Cassava, diamondliam
    : _hazzie_, Espeon, XXX
    Winning Guess
    : stuaw

    Chris_P's score: 0
    (Regular Dugtrio score: 0.5. Alolan Dugtrio was a contender for my -1.)
    digitalkaiser's score: 3 (Regular Dugtrio score: 9.)​

    Me and co-host @digitalkaiser having a serious discussion about what to include in this elimination post:



    Regular Dugtrio elimination post:

    send photo:
    Okay, but these are the reactions that Game Freak see and think that we actually want shit like this.
    Just, drag them a bit:

    Oh, wow, so harsh, I will need to cool down after this, yeesh.

    That's more like it, actually. Let's make it a banner and hang it outside their offices.

    Well, guess what.

    Right Here:


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  5. Goodbye my polarizing triple queen.

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  6. [​IMG]
    72. Lycanroc (dusk form)
    Average: 5.0125

    10s: digitalkaiser, soratami
    : send photo, Animalia, Stradiwhovius, Mr Blonde
    : Electivirer
    Chris_P's score: 1
    digitalkaiser's score: 10

    @LycanrocMidday girl look how orange you fucking look girl. Rocking a cute autumnal ensemble, this fierce mutt is Fall/Winter ready, even if the Tangy Cheese dye job is a little too garish to look entirely natural (and let's not even get into the Cool Original shiny...). Still, nothing to warrant this absolute savaging. Alas, while it may wear its flaws on its haunches, I personally find that, much like that rustling sound coming from outside my bedroom window, it's a lot easier to come to terms with once I manage to convince myself it's a fox.

    "WIG," demands digitalkaiser. "I kind of love the orange on this and the extra tufts of fur are quite cute. Rockruff and Lycanroc in general are becoming pokemon mainstays for me, so they succeeded at shoving this one down my throat!" I mean from what I hear that doesn't take much convincing, but sure. Let's see what our other host thinks. Chris_P? "Three pokémon with different movesets, evolution conditions and abilities sharing the same name and dex entry. Between this and alolan forms, Gen 7 took fuckery to the next level for the series...

    Phew. "Totally unneeded," sniffs Xanax. Chris_P's hateful diatribe against precious? Agreed. Moving on, noted adversary of taste, send photo drawls, "Reductive. Orange is also triggering to me." Oh dear, remind you too much of your old jumpsuit? Blank concurs, musing, "It feels like an afterthought." But enough about Pokemon: UltraCutscene. Seizing my call for a subject change, _hazzie_ switches things up and takes the opportunity to read Heidi Range for filth: "This things introduction is so extra, like we didn't need it at all. Yet it's my favorite of the three…" At least refer to her as a person, jeez.

    Eurgh, while we're on the subject of negativity. "I was hoping Ultra sun and moon would give us new pokemon or Alola forms, not another bloody unwanted type of Lycanroc," whines LukePreston. Well I was hoping you would have acquired some taste in the months since the gen 5 rate, but life's full of disappointment isn't it. Speaking of disappointments, "I refuse to believe they weren't just having a laugh when they decided this was worth advertising," screeches Stradiwhovius. diamondliam adds, "the blue version of this is pretty much a digimon right? Unnecessary." Psh, Garurwhomon wishes. And "A recolor?" chimes Electivirer. "Really? Even Britney puts more effort wearing variations of the same leotard in her show." Okay, but does she also zhuzh her back hair to the same level of voluminousness? Didn't think so.

    Misreading the room completely, soratami has the audacity to introduce some taste to the proceedings. "This innovative and unexpected design, the fans weren't ready. It's still great though." Likewise, eliminathan stans the real queen: "It's the midpoint between a really cute pokemon and a really edgy lame pokemon. And by midpoint I mean it's a copy/paste of the cute one but with a worse colour scheme and extra weave." Stan ICON Midday though. Whew, a man. And finally to round us out, rakija notices a startling commonality in all of my ex boyfriends: "Has been abused in the past. Is on a path to recovery but is still fragile." So I have a type, sue me.


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  7. Ok but wait hold up, Grubbin is a precious ANGEL who also fucks shit up. A useful starter route bug? Vice Grip them all, cherub.
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  8. I forgot how awful Gen 7 actually was.
  10. Alolan Dugtrio is maybe the worst thing Gamefreak have ever done.
  11. That's Necrozma, Zygarde and Charjabug for me.
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  12. Not this being exactly how I open my upcoming guest elimination though. Let me check my PM box for hidden cameras.
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  13. RJF


    Isn't the black on Lycanroc meant to be points of rock jutting out of it and not just tufts of fur?

  14. Yes, some of the Pokédex entries even mention the rocks hurting the trainer when Rockruff/Lycanroc tries to play with them.
  15. Alola everyone!


    Resident unapologetic Generation 7 fan @soratami here to bring some much needed positivity and taste to these proceedings... or at least as much as possible, given how tragic some of these eliminations have been so far (RIP Togedemaru).

    All my guest eliminations will have one thing in common, something that gets a lot of hate on PopJustice...

    ... could it be...

    Straight white men?

    Non-English songs? (@song contest crowd)

    Old people?

    Actually, it's...



    71. Comfey
    Average: 5.15

    ♥11s♥: _hazzie_
    : soratami, diamondliam
    0s: Sprockrooster, that boy is a monster
    -1s: XXX

    Winning Guess: -

    Chris_P's score: 1
    digitalkaiser's score: 4

    Here we are, in a "anything vaguely cute or mascot-like getting eliminated way earlier than they should " shocker (see also: every other Pokémon rate so far) the floral queen of Alola herself leaves at #71... not even top 70... Though at least she did get a positive average I suppose, which is pretty great considering how some of y'all seem to hate anything that comes from Alola.

    Let's look at some facts:
    Having an original and region appropriate design (since it's based on an Hawaiian lei?) Not everyone has that.
    Bringing comfort and soothing everyone, so much so that even Nurse Joy uses one in the PokéClinic? Not everyone has that.
    Priority Draining Kiss and healing attacks? Not everyone has that.
    Great defensive stats? Not everyone has that.
    Being this cute? Not everyone has that.
    Not everyone has that.

    I suppose being not only unique, useful and fun to use, but also also cute isn't enough for some people. But I suppose not everyone can appreciate true talent.

    Since there was a fair amount of commentary, I decided to separate it into two sections, the good and the bad.

    So let's start by seeing what the little bundles of hate had to say about this little bundle of joy:


    : Pointless. I guess every generation needs it's luvdisc. By "its Luvdisc" I'll assume you mean iconic Pokémon that everyone recognises and that keeps being included in practically every single game. I'll assume you're NOT talking about general usefulness because that's just wrong.

    Xanax: Reductive.

    Blank: A redux of Klefi with none of the original’s charm and great typing.

    : It's just a circle of flowers and a green leafy blob. Why is it not at least half grass type? I feel like this should be Alolan Klefki or something, it's not really enough of an idea as it's own pokemon. Comfey is clearly the superior Klefki:


    And now for the people who can actually appreciate a soothing, therapeutic, adorable, iconic legend. And for the sake of positivity (and also to make it seem like it's more liked that it actually is ddd) I'm keeping all the not explicitly negative commentary in this section:


    digitalkaiser: It’s kind of cute because its a ley, but it really falls into ‘common household objects

    Chris_P: This should evolve into Bellossom instead of Bellossom being awkwardly attached to the Oddish line. Otherwise, it’s a rather superfluous addition to the franchise, even if its reference is marginally interesting.
    By the way, here’s my suggested Comfey-Bellossom line:
    Source (my deviantart profile): And yet you couldn't give it more than a 1?

    _hazzie_: Fairy, floral, fashion, I just love this so much. It's ability Triage is fantastic too. Exactly! Shame you're losing your 11 so early again. A "Dedenne in the Gen 6 rate" sequel.

    rakija: She runs Britney's instagram. Legends only.

    soratami: Priority Draining Kiss is iconic. Love the design as well

    LukePreston: Like a lot of pokemon this generation, cute but pointless

    Rommers: If anyone makes a joke about getting lei’d I’ll strangle myself harder than usual.

    madeofghosts: I feel like people are going to be angry about this

    Stradiwhovius: Triage is a cool niche but it's so unsuited to the format of most pokemon battles.



    And because she's a) clearly too pure for this world and b) obviously inspired by goddess Lana's iconic flower wreaths, this seems like the perfect soundtrack to this elimination:


    @Chris_P's song choice:
  16. I was refering to Comfey here, though, ddd.
  17. I know, but I suppose "its reference is marginally interesting" counts as positive hehe.
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  18. Not me waiting for Fomantis to get eliminated before ha time just to see who is writing up the elimination.

  19. [​IMG]

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  20. RJF


    lol bye. I'm actually shocked to see I didn't give it a 0/10. All the other flowers with these creepy sightless bug eyes can go next.
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