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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: 1990-1994 - AND WE ARE DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. It's a classic but no Rhythm Is A Dancer though is it?
  2. The Power is THE ultimate Snap! record.
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  3. Ha, now I've got Chuck D in my head shouting "FIND THE NOSE!".
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  4. I'm afraid The Power is below Rhythm Is A Dancer, Do You See The Light, Exterminate! and Oops Up in my top 5 Snap! songs.
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  5. When you say that, are you serious as...

    ...Nope, sorry, can't do it twice. (I swear, those words will be on Turbo B's gravestone.)
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  6. Wow. That summer of 1992 really was an odd time, Rhythm Is A Dancer and Ebeneezer Goode ruling the charts for weeks on end. It felt very hazy, though that could have just been me.
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  7. That would have got my eleven.
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  8. "Power" is indeed a bop, but I'm more of a fan of 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat, and Haddaway from this era. It's a shame they all only topped UK charts and didn't do as well is the U.S.


    "Rhythm Is A Dancer" >

    That's the tea.
  9. I started this last night. Ballads. Lots of ballads.

    (Don't worry, I know where my 10s are!)
  10. It's strange because I find 1990-92 ballads = classics

    1993 onwards ballads = largely dreary
  11. For my $0.02, the best ballad in this rate is from 1993. I wish I had a second 11 for it.
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  12. I would be shocked if you gave your 11 to a ballad though!

    (I didn't.)
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  13. I do like Hero.
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  14. I don't.
  15. Cathy is a queen, though sorry @iheartpoptarts I think Too Many Walls is my favorite from the Move to This singles (it's a ballad!).
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  16. I’m just over halfway through doing my commentary and whew, I forgot how amazing 1992 was.

    I’ve already scored most of 1993 and 1994 from memory but will listen to everything again for my commentary. My current system is to spend the duration of the song writing stuff about it, so I hope @Ironheade has plenty of space in his spreadsheet...
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  17. My 11 is from 1994 and I might be judged
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  18. Same.
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  19. And I suppose that when we have the 1995-1999 rate my 11 will be very predictable, won't it?
  20. Ray


    I want to rate Cathy and Snap! – please rig the rate immediately!
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