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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: Part 1 (1990-1994 - FOUR WEEKS TO GET YOUR VOTES IN!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. If it makes you feel any better, the whole of the My Love Is Your Love album will be in the R&B rate I’m running early next year (up against Brandy, Monica and Lauryn Hill).
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  2. Is "Rainbow" going to be part of it? Either way, I'm down!
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  3. No, I’m only doing 1998 albums (as they’ll all be in their 20th anniversary year by the time the rate begins).
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  4. Oh I see, is My Love is Your Love from '98? Didn't know that.
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  5. Ray


    I just accidentally listened to JON BON JOVI because that thing is on the Spotify playlist. I trusted you. This playlist is like heaven until suddenly it hits a Collins or a Jovi. I have to make my own copy, free of Jovis, Collinses and Boltonses.
  6. MollieSwift21

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    Need to do this for Mariah!
  7. I think you’ll find Bon Jovi is the surname, not Jovi. It’s an Anglicisation of Bongiovi, if I remember correctly.


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  8. Just heard "Hero" for the first time in a while and I hate it so much.
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  9. Ray


    I think you think I was serious.

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  10. My eyes!
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  11. We have a third set of votes, come through @2014 !

    Just wanted to say, since nobody's taken advantage of it so far: you can use .25 and .75 scores here, as I said in the first post. So if you feel the need for them, go ahead.
  12. I will be making use of decimal points don't you worry.

    How else will I demonstrate I love Emotions just 0.25 more than Someday?
  13. Do we get to see some more almost-#1s?


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  14. [​IMG]

    I'll be spreading these out throughout the voting period, about a week between each. So now it's time to tackle another genre in SONGS WE ALMOST HAD TO RATE!

    As I said in the opening post, this was the time period in which alternative rock really established itself as the mainstream, after R.E.M. and The Cure had done their bit to break the door down at the end of the previous decade. But the grunge outfits were just too loud and heavy for pop radio for the most part, the California pop-punkers like Green Day and The Offspring were still gathering momentum in the underground, and indie-pop wouldn't really have its breakthrough until the next decade. So what to do to satisfy mainstream radio programmers wanting to keep up with the times? This is where adult alternative comes in - still a bit quirky, but polished and poppy enough to satisfy the GP, and it essentially took the place of the 80's adult contemporary ballads in the mainstream music milieu. And today, we're looking at a couple of its 800-pound gorillas...


    After getting their mainstream break with the #1 Modern Rock hit "Give It Away" in late 1991, RHCP's career went stratospheric in the way of many rock bands before them - with a heretofore out-of-character somber ballad, this one touching on Anthony Kiedis' heroin addiction. Released as the second single from BloodSugarSexMagik in March 1992, "Under the Bridge" peaked at #2 in June, one of several songs held off by Kris Kross and "Jump" - and surprisingly, it isn't among the band's many rock chart #1s either, reaching #2 on Mainstream Rock and #6 on Modern Rock. Nevertheless, it went on to spend 26 weeks on the Hot 100, was named the eighth-biggest hit of 1992 by Billboard, and the single earned a platinum certification. The Gus Van Sant-directed video earned massive play on MTV, and led the nominations at the 1992 MTV Video Awards, winning Breakthrough Video and Viewers Choice Best Video. Worldwide, "Under the Bridge" was just as big a smash, topping the charts in Australia, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as going to #3 in Canada and #13 in the UK (where the All Saints cover would later top the charts), and it remains a fixture of magazine "best-of" lists to this day. But its success came with a darker side - according to some sources, it caused John Frusciante to leave the group, as he was unable to handle the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' newfound stardom.


    So that's the Big Adult Alternative Boys, what about the Big Adult Alternative Girls? Never fear, Sheryl Crow is here! Released in April 1994 as the third single from her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club, with its lyrics adapted from Wyn Cooper's 1987 poem "Fun", "All I Wanna Do" served as her mainstream breakthrough, peaking at #2 in October... only to get stuck behind Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" for a staggering six weeks! At least she could compensate with topping the Adult Contemporary chart for eight weeks and the Mainstream Top 40 for seven, as well as getting big crossover numbers - #4 on Modern Rock, #32 on Adult Top 40 and #35 on Mainstream Rock. "All I Wanna Do" also topped the Canadian and Australian charts, went to #4 in the UK, and was a top ten in most of the big European markets. And come the 1995 Grammys, Sheryl made out like a bandit, winning Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and being nominated for Song of the Year (which she lost to Bruce Springsteen and "Streets of Philadelphia").
  15. Is it bad that this is the only reason I know "Ice Ice Baby?"

    (It even has an Alex Gardner lookalike for you, @londonrain...)

    Also, I feel like this had to be a '90s song too, right?

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  16. Yup. "U Can't Touch This" actually only made #8, though - even though it was a massive radio hit, it wasn't released as a single at first in order to boost album sales (an early example of the tactic - and it sure worked out for MC Hammer and his diamond certification!), and then when it was released as a single, it was only in 12-inch format. It almost certainly would have topped the charts if it had been released normally.
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  17. You know I don’t actually stan Alex Gardner’s looks, right, @Mina?
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  18. Oh, oh right:

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  19. Iconic. When will your avatar make it to @WowWowWowWow’s phone lock screen?
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  20. I'm writing some commentary and I have basically a whole essay on Opposites Attract...
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