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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: Part 1 (1990-1994 - FOUR WEEKS TO GET YOUR VOTES IN!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Without You was a #3 hit in the US, though - it came close.

    Against All Odds basically was a blatant attempt to use Westlife to get a #1 (and make Mark Feehily's dreams of singing with Mariah come true). It wouldn't have worked in the US.
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  2. When the 11 minute power ballad is markedly better and far less of a chore than the thirty thousand others that are 3 to 4 minutes.

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  3. Well, of course that's the case, the others don't have a musical genius like Jim Steinman writing them! (Love his work to bits. And we'll see him again in the second half...)
  4. Ray


    Oh boy, THAT song. -1111111111 from me. One point for every time I had to suffer through that being played on the radio, TV, in the malls, in my nightmares, when I was tied to a chair in the basement with water constantly dripping on my head, etc.
  5. I'm so happy you did "Dreamlover" right. I'm assuming.

    I seriously stan that song. I don't see how anyone could dislike it. I even once caught my mother, a very vocal Mariah detractor, bopping to it.
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  6. I just read your intro and gave you a big 'like' @Ironheade! This however made me realise there are actually 95 songs to rate and I am on about 20 so far so expecting to lose all my hair once PJOPs and PJ00s kick in. Commentaries on each song is a non-negotiable too!! I Low Key need a life!
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  7. I assume you will be losing your hair because you will be scalped by my amazing PJOPS and PJ00s entries.

    (Well, my PJ00s entry at least. My PJOPS entry is an acquired taste.)
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  8. My 3.7 average for her songs in this rate says I have absolutely no hope or promise.
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  9. @Mina how's this for a breakdown?

    I'm not done yet, but so far..

    0/10 - 4
    1/10 - 5
    2/10 - 9
    3/10 - 7
    4/10 - 10
    5/10 - 10
    6/10 - 7
    7/10 - 6
    8/10 - 6
    9/10 - 4
    10/10 - 4
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  10. Looks like a bell curve...or otherwise a very @Mina rate score distribution. Excellent.
  11. My lowest score so far is 3/10.

    Am I too nice or I didn't get to the ones that deserve a 0 yet? [shivers]
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  12. I make that an average of 4.75.
    Mine is 5.07 from 21 songs and will probably drop.
    I wonder if we'll be the lowest scorers?
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  13. I went as far down as a 4 this time (I don't usually have very low scores due to me trying to at least appreciate the instrumental, choreography etc i.e the full package) when judging, but let's just say this 4 was for the vocally challenged... The score for it may drop if there are more songs that require distinction later on so who knows?
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  14. The early 90s pop sound, or at least what was #1, is very far away from my personal taste. The late 90s part will probably go better for me.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Don't Turn Around was a Hot 100 #1????

    No it got to #4 and went gold.
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  17. I never knew Paula Abdul was ever that big. Opposites Attract was so fun.

    Weirdly I always confuse Rush Rush with Amy Grant's Baby Baby!?
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  18. All That She Wants pales in comparison to Don't Turn Around though and I didn't even give Don't Turn Around a 10. In fact, Ace of Base's biggest singles aren't really my favorites from their discography -- Cruel Summer aside.
  19. Beautiful Life is prob my favourite Ace Of base single.
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