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The ANTM Rate 2.0 - The Top 200!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HollyDunnSomething, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Hi! Apologies for the delay in eliminations, I'm still away at the moment but I have a minute to at least reveal the model in 199th place for you.

    Let's cut a Cycle 18 girl...

    199. Ashley "Kyle" Gober
    Cycle 18 - 8th Place
    Average 5.045


    High scorers - 7 - @berserkboi, @Joe.
    Low scorer - 3 - @phily693
    My score - 5.5​

    Okay so I'm not going to make THAT quote seeing as so many of you did in your commentary... I didn't necessarily like Kyle BUT when I recently rewatched her cycle I was kind of shook at how much of a good model she actually was (dead-eyed music video aside...). Let's see what y'all had to say:

    @constantino (6) "‘Hi, I’m Kyle, I smile for miles!’"

    @GhettoPrincess (4) "“HI! I’m Kyle. I smile for miles….” Oh god. She had way too many chances."

    @phily693 (3) "“HI I’M KYLE… I SMILE FOR MILES” in the most bewildered fashion imaginable is classic."

    @crash9081 (5) "HI I'M KYLE. I SMILE FOR MILES. THEY TRIP. HATE MY STYLE. BUT THEY'RE JUST IN DENIAL. I don't know why she got so much hate from the other girls when she seemed pretty inoffensive to me. Her starey look wasn't always appealing (did she have Graves' disease?) but more modelesque than some of the others."

    @niccolo (3.5) "All I can hear is her stupid voice in that song."
  2. Screaming at all the commentaries being the same.
  3. Very this, but on a larger scale...

  4. Popjustice handing in their commentaries like
  5. Omg I didn't watch that season but I just googled the video and i'm dying! Why is it giving me Bring It On roll call intro teas.
  6. Did you watch the British girls video? So good!
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  7. kii I actually think the USA one is catchier that Kyle girl just fucks it up.
  8. This garbage opinion in MY ANTM Rate thread? Where are my other British girls at? We'll mash you up, yeah yeah!
  9. Another tie, this time for 197th place...

    (Joint) 197. Brittany Rubalcaba
    Cycle 11 - 12th Place
    Average 5.100


    High scorer - 9 - @berserkboi
    Low scorer - 3 - @GhettoPrincess
    My score - 6​

    She was beautiful. she didn't seem to exhibit a lot of range in the few photos she took so probably didn't deserve to go any further in Cycle 11.

    @constantino (5) "‘BEAUTIFUL girl, shame about the personality."

    @Joe. (5) "Sorry sis, I don’t remember you."

    @phily693 (5) "She had potential!"

    @crash9081 (4) "Ms Jay got it right when he called her a footballers wife. She was pretty but that was it."
  10. Second part of our latest tie, this girl also placed 12th in her cycle...

    (Joint) 197. Ava Capra
    Cycle 11 - 12th Place
    Average 5.100


    High scorers - 8 - @berserkboi, @constantino
    Low scorer - 1 - @kermit_the_frog
    My score - 4​

    Honestly I don't remember her in the slightest. Her face is slightly familiar but I don't remember a single picture she took during Cycle 22.

    @niccolo (5) "Beautiful girl? Let’s challenge her and give her a Billy Rae Cyrus hairdo."

    @crash9081 (3.5) "One of the most tragic makeovers of all time, which she did have the grace to say she liked. It wasn't even a modern, mullet-inspired haircut! It was a straight up Billy Ray Cyrus 80s mullet that made her look downright crazy. It was such a shame because that shot of her with at the scrapyard with her pre-makeover long hair was so beautiful."

    @constantino (8) "I did a write up for her on RTV about how much I loved Ava but I won’t transfer it because it is ridiculously long for a 12th placer. She deserved far better and she gave us far more than basic-ass Lacey ever did."
  11. [​IMG]
    Slightly odd concept and terrible composition aside, I thought she looked stunning in this photo - one of the best from that shoot.
  12. Wow, she did. I remember that one now. Her makeover was horrendous.
  13. I love Ava, I'm glad she made the top 200...
  14. Hi all. I am back from my brief sojourn to Manchester, Plymouth, Sheffield, Bristol and Nottingham so eliminations will properly re-start today. x
  15. Another 3-way tie...

    (Joint) 194. Monique Calhoun
    Cycle 7 - 11th Place
    Average 5.136


    High scorer - 10 - @berserkboi
    Low scorer - 0 - @Mina
    My score - 2.5​

    Monique was so beautiful but her attitude was horrendous. I worried they would keep her around in Cycle 7 for the #Dramz but luckily they didn't.

    @constantino (7) "One of the most venemous villains in the show’s history and I loved every second of it, especially her delicious demise."

    @crash9081 (3) "She was downright feral and not in the slightest bit modelesque in my opinion. The cooch juice incident was legendary for all of the wrong reasons." Wait, what cooch juice incident?

    @kermit_the_frog (9) "Two bonus points for terrorising the other contestants."

    @phily693 (7) "She was the definition of messy. This was the wrong show for her. She should’ve been on one of those VH1 reality shows like Flavor of Love and she could’ve been really iconic. The time she sat on the phone was amazing but also if I had been one of the girls (especially Melrose) I would’ve smacked her! Soooo immature and bratty."
  16. Back to Cycle 6 for this next one...

    (Joint) 194. Kari Schmidt
    Cycle 6 - 11th Place
    Average 5.136


    High scorers - 8 - @berserkboi, @Mina
    Low scorers - 2 - @kermit_the_frog, @phily693
    My score - 3​

    She was out of her depth, especially in this partcular cycle.

    @constantino (7) "I remember being heartbroken at the elimination; she was stunning and her first two photos were excellent."

    @crash9081 (4) "I thought she was pretty cute in a retro, Britt Ekland kind of way. None of her photos conveyed this however."

    @kermit_the_frog (2) "TBonus point for falling over in those heels. Twice."

    @Mina (8) "Plus 3 points for her iconic line about hookers."
  17. Part 3 of the 3-way tie takes us to Cycle 4...

    (Joint) 194. Tatiana Dante
    Cycle 4 - 7th Place
    Average 5.136


    High scorers - 7 - @berserkboi, @constantino
    Low scorer - 2 - @crash9081
    My score - 4.5
    Oops, I honestly don't remember her.

    @constantino (7) "UNDERRATED. Tatiana was a low-key troll and many ANTM fans sleep on her way too much; she had a stank attitude, wound up Brandy in the tennis challenge, pulled hilarious faces during the Tiffany/Tyra rant and admitted to hating all the other girls. To boot, she had a really sad backstory of homelessness and took great photos. I was sad to see her go but the top 6 was so strong that she kinda had to..."

    @crash9081 (2) "Really attractive in photos but oddly less so in person, I could never take to her and felt she outstayed her welcome. Summed herself up in her perfume pitch "The packaging is nice and it's not expensive"."

    @phily693 (6) "Interesting look but dull."
  18. Haha I thought that cooch juice incident was the only thing that she was remembered for!

    Wait, she actually did three gross things during her time on the show:

    1) poured water on a bed (which I think had already been claimed by someone else) to "mark her territory"
    2) vengefully rubbed her used panties on someone's bed/belongings because she had beef with them (I think this was Melrose?)
    3) vengefully rubbed her hand under her towel and flicked the liquid she picked up in someone's face (again, I think this was Melrose - I definitely remember a group of the girls collapsing into grossed out but amused hysterics)

    And then she had the nerve to tell her mum on the phone that everyone was bullying her in response to which her mum reminded her that she was a "princess of the throne".

    I'm ashamed that I remember all of these intimate details about Monique.
  19. Ha! No shame in it, she made her few episodes iconic just on that...
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  20. Uno


    I would’ve traded Monique staying in for a few more rounds over Jaeda, to be honest.