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The ANTM Rate 2.0 - The Top 200!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HollyDunnSomething, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. I didn't remember this, only Anchal's reaction (I'll wait until her elimination to expand!)
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  2. (Jaeda's already out)
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  3. Uno


    (I meant on the show)
  4. (oh)

    I agree!
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  5. Whew girls, y'all put in some work! Amazing work @HollyDunnSomething I bow down to thee.

    I am just getting caught up in this rate and can't wait to go through the next 200ish gals with y'all.

    I've just a few thoughts about some of the girls that y'all booted already and I tried to make sure that I'm not just repeating people.

    Y'all did Kimberly DIRTY! I remember looking at her promo pic and thinking she was the hottest thing my gay eyes had ever seen. She looks like the trashiest sexiest kinda girl. I feel like she's had sex on a pool table in a public bar before. Love her.
    This one I'm actually just going to repeat people, but it's worth repeating: THE WORST! She was so terrible, and not just because she was a bad model, but because rather than being boring and bad, she was awful to other people and bad. I can totally tell how the judges bought into her schtick, but she was TOXIC to some of the other girls.
    I can only ever remember that she got eliminated looking like Cogsworth and that's a wonderful thing. Also, fourfour y'all have read the fourfour recaps, right? always called her "ICFAST" ("I Come From A Small Town") and so that's the only name I know her by.
    INCORRECT! Kathy was amazing! She stripped naked on the FIRST. EPISODE. On the street! She was hilarious and simple and really cute. I wanted her to stick around longer.
    She deserved top 100. She was one of the best villains on the show and she deserved to stick around a lot longer than she did. She rubbed dirty panties on someone bed! She cried while reading a bible alone! As her grandmother said, "When they mess with a child of God, they've got trouble on their hands."
  6. I'm loving this. We're starting to get to some real characters now. The top 100 will be interesting.
  7. I'm surprised Monique is already gone. I thought her messiness would've made her a firm favourite.

    I'd be very interested to see which Cycle will have the most girls left in the Top 20. (Would that make it the best Cycle then?) My money is on Cycle 6 or 10.
  8. Is Melrose still in? I hated her so much.
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  9. Didn't like her much either but at least she brought something to us unlike a lot of non-entities still left to be eliminated...
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    Melrose was robbed of an All-Stars spot, really. Would’ve traded Kayla or Laura for her.
  11. Melrose is a legend don't try it.
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  12. When I first watched her Cycle, I absolutely detested her. But after re-watching it many times, it's clear that she was a victim of a bad edit. Jaeda was portrayed much more favorably and sympathetically, and still she came across horribly spoilt, unlikable and immature. Just look at how we annihilated her with our scores and commentary yet Tyra obviously wanted us to root for her. The edits that year were a mess. One week we liked AJ and the next we're meant to think she's ungrateful and doesn't want to be there?

    Yes, Melrose was a very annoyingly competitive person and a total perfectionist, but you could tell she saw it as simply a competition to achieve her dream (being a shorter girl she was always at a disadvantage for getting signed by an agency) but she had a heart even if the others didn't reciprocate. Post show interviews seem to point towards the others saying she was merely annoying and they somehow tolerated that. She wasn't completely horrible or deliberately bitchy or trying to sabotage others. Also, it's quite telling that other than the diva on set moment in the first week (which I totally saw her logic), that she wasn't portrayed as the bitch for the first few episodes. In fact she almost got a sympathetic edit when the whole phone argument happened, and the other girls backed her up! The "bitch" was clearly meant to be Monique until she got eliminated then they needed a replacement.

    Someone that was clearly horrible was Renee in Cycle 8. How she bitched about others on the sly, specifically Natasha and Brittany yet was lovely to their faces, then rounded up the others to take out Natasha in the Final 4. Like why? Was she really that threatened?

    I'm by no means a fan of Melrose but when I stood back and watched it with an objective eye I didn't really see how she was that horrible. I don't think I could've lived with her in the competition, but I could say the same for CariDee and I found her hilarious.
  13. That’s interesting because i haven’t watched Cycle 7 for ages, so I’m probably due a rewatch. But Renne and Alexandria I both felt got bad edits and the girls did a little too much with them.

    None were out and out evil like Bianca often felt.
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    Bianca was amazing, especially during All-Stars. Her arguments with Lisa were life.
  15. I love Bianca but she was an arsehole to Lisa and Heather. An iconic All-Star regardless.
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  16. Cycle 10 is calling again...

    (Joint) 192. Amy "Amis" Jenkins
    Cycle 10 - 11th Place
    Average 5.150


    High scorer - 8 - @constantino
    Low scorers - 3 - @kermit_the_frog, @phily693
    My score - 4.5
    I preferred the longer hair on her but she didn't have any strong photos so an early exit was inevitable unfortunately.

    @Joe. (6) "Annoying"

    @crash9081 (5) "What an absolute mess. Seemed like a nice enough person."

    @constantino (8) "Queen. She had no business being a model but she brought the kiis and I will always love her for that."
  17. Back to the original cycle for our next cut...

    (Joint) 192. Kesse Wallace
    Cycle 1 - 5th Place
    Average 5.150


    High scorer - 8 - @berserkboi
    Low scorers - 1.5 - @crash9081
    My score - 4.5
    I never saw the Tyra resemblance other than in that one photo where she was jumping. She was pretty but looking at her portfolio you can just tell she'd never have made it to the top 5 of any other cycle.

    @constantino (6) "Kesse was beautiful. Kesse was kind. Kesse was the model Christian woman that Robyn thought she was. Kesse was the glue that held the two rival cliques together. She’s not one of my favourites but I will always appreciate the way she bunked-off the go-sees in Paris to go shopping and explore the city instead. She was absolutely lovely."

    @phily693 (5) "Other than being Baby Tyra, what did she do?"

    @kermit_the_frog (5) "If by “mini-me” Tyra meant “not quite modelesque enough to be on a high-fashion runway or the cover of Vogue” then I agree…" Damn it's cold in the shade today!

    @crash9081 (1.5) "Sweet girl but boring. RnB singer vibes."
  18. There are only 6 cycles NOT represented in the top 20 funnily enough. But there is one cycle that has more than the rest (just about).

    Lastly, I've just worked out which cycle will be the first to lose all of its models, any guesses which one it is?
  19. Amis was a joker
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  20. Uno


    I liked Amis during the show but now all I remember about her is being yelled at for wearing a headband to panel.
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