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The ANTM Rate 2.0 - The Top 200!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HollyDunnSomething, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. My pick would be the college cycle but that cycle did give us Leila (who brought model looks) and Victoria (who brought the crazy) so I can't be too sure.
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  2. I was thinking it could really be any of the later cycles. Or maybe the short cycle? Or for something a bit more unexpected, 2?
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  3. Okay we seriously need to start eliminating more people from the later seasons now.
  4. Let's go back to Cycle 3 for this one...

    (Joint) 190. Cassie Grisham
    Cycle 3 - 8th Place
    Average 5.181


    High scorer - 9 - @berserkboi
    Low scorer - 2 - @phily693
    My score - 4.5
    Another girl I don't remember. I wasn't blown away by her portfolio.

    @constantino (7) "Another underrated girl; Cassie was stunning and took some pretty excellent photos, particularly her elimination shot actually. She also provided us with the most realistic and stirring depictions of what it’s like to have an eating disorder that we’ve ever had on the show. What made this storyline more powerful was that she remained in denial and her disorder wasn’t miraculously cured by Tyra’s magical powers."

    @crash9081 (3.5) "I was not a fan of this whiny former stripper. However, her slovenliness did lead to brownies being mutilated and the Respeito t-shirt being worn which were both kind of iconic so she deserves some credit."

    @Joe. (7) "She was fantastic for TV, most of the season 3 cast were. Photos were hit and miss."

    @niccolo (5) "again, beautiful, but her storyline was very upsetting and should not have been taken advantage of"

    @phily693 (2) "So basic and trashy, even her flip out over the brownies was tragic."
  5. Let's eliminate a short girl...

    (Joint) 190. Sundai Love
    Cycle 13 - 5th Place
    Average 5.181


    High scorers - 7 - @constantino, @crash9081, @GhettoPrincess, @Mina, @berserkboi
    Low scorer - 1 - @kermit_the_frog
    My score - 2.5
    After a recent rewatch I found Sundai so much more unlikable and irritating. I have no idea how she made the top 5 considering she never really excelled in any photoshoots.

    @constantino (7) "Adorable, but not a great model. She was a lot of fun, though."

    @crash9081 (7) "I still chuckle at the thought of her doing that cabbage patch dance at the dance challenge and Lil'Mama disgustedly telling her it was pitiful. "

    @kermit_the_frog (1) "Contender for “least-suitable body shape EVER to be on ANTM” – yes, she was short, I get that (well, I don’t, but it applies to everyone else on this series too). However, what I don’t understand is why Sundai was selected? Her proportions were the antithesis of how clothes should hang when they’re being sold. And she lasted FOREVER. Confused."

    @phily693 (5) "Pretty but sadly not a model."

  6. Her claim to fame after the show was starring in the Dirty Picture video by Kesha and Taoi Cruz...
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  7. Cassie was another part of a brilliant season 3 cast... CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT
  8. Uno


    Aw I thought Cassie was great. Everyone on S3 was really great now that I think about it.

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  10. Oh so y'all wanted to cut some recent cycles...?

    (Joint) 188. Binta Dibba
    Cycle 23 - 9th Place
    Average 5.250


    High scorers - 7 - @constantino, @berserkboi, @crash9081
    Low scorers - 4 - @GhettoPrincess, @niccolo
    My score - 2
    Okay so I wasn't a fan of Binta during Cycle 23. From what I remember she had a terrible attitude and was always screaming at some of the other girls.

    @constantino (7) "The second coming of Sandra. Would’ve been ICONIC if she had appeared on a UPN cycle."

    @crash9081 (7) "Slightly unstable and prone to unhinged-sounding outbursts, she often had a point but just expressed herself terribly. I really liked her look and felt sad when she seemed to crumble a bit near the end of her time on the show."
  11. Binta scared me a bit but she did look fashun. Mostly. But there's worse offenders remaining. Can we get rid of all the men at least?
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Back to Cycle 12 for our next elimination...

    (Joint) 188. Nijah Harris
    Cycle 12 - 11th Place
    Average 5.250


    High scorer - 7 - @berserkboi
    Low scorers - 3 - @GhettoPrincess, @niccolo, @phily693
    My score - 8
    Nijah was so beautiful! She was a little bland by TV standards but I thought she could have stayed a couple more weeks at least, I think she would have improved.

    @constantino (5) "What DOES Tyra have against intelligent black women?"

    @crash9081 (6) "Gorgeous face. I recall at least one of her photos being pretty stunning. Her slight blandness meant that I wasn't too fussed when she was cut."
  14. That playground photoshoot was simply tragic. None of the photos are good at all.

    Cassie always made me so uncomfortable, and with her baggage she shouldn't have signed up for the show and they shouldn't have let her. BUT, Browniegate was such delicious drama that I'm selfishly glad that she was around to instigate it.
  15. Uno


    Can CaryAnne please leave soon? She was so overrated and annoying last season.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Did you mean 'CoryAnne':


    Yes, get her bland ass out.
  17. I just saw that Cassie got eliminated (how did I miss that??) - this is very unjust! She provided lots for a much better finish, including that makeover episode where there she stands with immaculate hair and she talks down to other contestants getting their hair chopped off with 'it's just hair!'
  18. Yet another 4-way tie, starting with the most recent cycle...

    (Joint) 184. Giah Hardeman
    Cycle 23 - 12th Place
    Average 5.300


    High scorers - 7 - @Joe., @crash9081
    Low scorer - 2 - @kermit_the_frog
    My score - 5.5
    I liked Giah a lot and honestly I wanted to see more from her, the comeback spot should've been hers really.

    @constantino (6) "A sweet girl, but I wasn’t exactly expecting much from her."

    @phily693 (5) "Potential was there, but she just couldn’t ignite it. I was rooting for her to be the one to be brought back."

    @crash9081 (7) "Really pretty and seemed like a nice person. Law Roach was right though - she looked like more of an RnB singer than model."
  19. Moving on, and back to Cycle 14...

    (Joint) 184. Tatianna Kern
    Cycle 14 - 9th Place
    Average 5.300


    High scorers - 8 - @berserkboi, @constantino
    Low scorer - 2 - @kermit_the_frog
    My score - 3
    I don't really know how to feel about Tatianna, I liked some of her photos but honestly I seem to remember her not being that fussed about the competition which sort've turned me off of her.

    @constantino (8) "One of the most beautiful girls to ever appear on the show and her portfolio is one of my underrated faves. She barely got an edit and yet she was still one of my favourites of the cycle."

    @crash9081 (3) "Them gums."
  20. This is hilarious and speaks to the un-likability of that cast!

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