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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Blimey, some of those offers are insane!
  2. But when you add the £7 postage, less so... but as said on the last page, if you buy a few things, it's better value!
  3. A £64 set down to a tenner....even with the postage, that's some deal. I may look at getting a couple of things.
  4. Rats, the £64 set is sold out, and the other three I'd be interested in say "More stock coming soon". Hmmm.
  5. Fuck! Missed the ABBA box again!

    I did buy the Underworld box for my bruv, the extortionately overpriced Grace box which is now reasonably priced and the Ultravox coloured vinyls.

    Booo to the ABBA being sold out!
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  6. So I got Underworld and James box sets £26.95 for both seems like a fab deal to me! - although it just says: More stock coming soon - so will see if/when they arrive!
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  7. Keep us posted! I have used the site before, for a Sparkle In The Rain SDE, I think. The packaging was superb.
  8. Wow!
    I paid £40 for that James set....
  9. For £7 P&P I would expect it to be hand-delivered in a box of Jim Kerr's hair.
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  10. Ha, I think it was more like 2.50 or something, the box was 14.99 and I was charged about 17 or 18 quid.
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  11. I wanted that Maroon 5 boxset and it won't let me add it to the basket...
  12. Good.
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  13. I ordered the Grace Jones and Lana Deluxe CDs, thanks for the link.
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  14. For a second, I read Lana Deluxe and thought I'd missed the Honeymoon boxset or's the Ultraviolet CD with extra tracks....phew....
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  15. Yeah I only bought the standard version at the time, so deluxe CD for 5 pounds is a good price.
    I was surprised that their shipping to Australia was cheaper than Amazons!
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  16. I think with anything that is truly sold out they won't let you complete check out - that happened to me last night with the Marvin Gaye box set, was able to add it to my basket but couldn't get further. Once I removed it I was able to buy the other items even though all now say "more stock coming soon"
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  17. Thanks for this, it is much appreciated! There are some really good £10 deluxe sets so I picked up Grace Jones, The Saturdays and Years & Years sets, all stuff I was interested in but wasn't willing to pay £30 and upwards for each one. Bargains indeed!

    (Although when I ordered them every item was listed as 'more stock coming soon' so I hope that I'm not going to get an disappointing email in the near future)
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  18. Was in the local charity shop and found Encore Best Of Rod Stewart 2 for £1. Thought that was a great bargain. Been looking for some of the single edits for a while.
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  19. Oooh, I have been after that for YEARS!!! I bought downloads of those edits, but the damn things were corrupted.
  20. 20% off the prices of all pre-owned CDs,DVDs,blu-rays,books & games at the Music Magpie site until the end of the Easter bank holiday weekend at 11.59pm on Monday 17th April.
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