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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Of course the only thing I want (Warm Leatherette) is still $50!
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  2. So I got a dispatch notice on the Underworld and James box sets. Bargains indeed!
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  3. Same here. Can't wait to get my hands on the Warm Leatherette reissue. There was just no way I was ever going to fork out the full price for it.

    Sort of wish I had bought one of the James boxes now.
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  4. Just happened to browse the iTunes album sale expecting the usual massive-selling-everyones-already-got-them culprits to find this for only £4.99. Another sale, I love Gavin DeGraw.

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  5. I just got a dispatch notice for my items. I kinda assumed that it just wouldn't happen. Exciting!
  6. Finally got my Great Offer Store/Sound of Vinyl deliveries today. Was beginning to give up hope as it was taking so long, but happy to now have the following in my possession :

    Underworld - Rez / Cowgirl (12" yellow vinyl) £3.00
    Paul Weller - More Modern Classics (Double Vinyl LP) £8.00

    Marvin Gaye - Vol. 1: 1961-1965 (Vinyl Box Set) £20.00
    Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants: Super Deluxe (£10.00)
    The Verve - A Northern Soul (Deluxe) (£15.00)
    Shura - White Light 12" Heavyweight Vinyl (£3.00)
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  7. I got a dispatched email last Tuesday and it still hasn't arrived, I'm leaving this address tomorrow too!
  8. Mine arrived yesterday so yours should definitely be with you soon!
  9. Some of the 2016 Phil Collins reissue are very cheap on Amazon Italy! The Essential Going Back, No Jacket Required, Both Sides and Hello, I Must Be Going! at €9,99 ! Others cheap, too.
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  10. A few 4.99 CDs at HMV right now:

    Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor
    Take That - Wonderland
    Jamiroquai - Automaton
    Katy Perry - Witness (hasn't this only just been released?)
    Imelda May - Life Love Flesh Blood
    Chuck Berry - Chuck
    Kiss - Kissworld
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  11. Might pick up the Take That record at that price.
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  12. I actually just found this in a thrift shop - sealed. Poor Katy.
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  13. When your label halves the price of your big comeback album less than a month after it came out and in the same week you played Glastonbury? Ouch.

    It's still down week on week, I've heard.
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  14. The Katy Perry and Take That albums were normal price in my HMV, strange. I did see a Cherry Red display though, 2 for £15. I was tempted to get spending but restrained myself. I'm trying to cut down on physical product (though I prefer it so much more).
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  15. It was just a one week promotion for HMV only, I believe. Select reductions on chart albums for a week.
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  16. Yes, all the 4.99 titles have now gone into the 2 for 15 deal.
  17. It's not the deluxe edition, but the Boy Krazy album is only £3.99 on Google Play.

    Even if you wanted to spend another £9.90 on the 10 bonus tracks, it's still a lot cheaper than trying to find the Cherry Pop CD, which is going for £40 on Discogs.
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  18. £3.99 also on amazon digital music. I can't even find the Cherry Pop CD release on the amazon website?!