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The Bold Type

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by DreamlessNights, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. I didn't see a thread for this show, so I thought I would create one. If there is an old one, feel free to delete this one. What was everyone's thoughts on this? I love all of the leads so far.
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  2. Funny I was going to start a thread too but glad you started one.

    I liked the pilot and the leads are great (and have nice chemistry) but a lot of the dialogue and scenarios are familiar and used before so I hope the show can demonstrate some original stories. But I will definitely keep watching. Love all the Toronto locales like Yonge/Bloor Subway Station when they scream at the train.
  3. I have watched the pilot and enjoyed it enough to watch the second one. The 3 leads are great.

    *Just watched the second episode and thought it was even better than the first. Loved the way the 'never had an orgasm' story didn't end in the cliche way I thought it would.
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  4. I've watched the first 4 and am really enjoying it. In the same way I adore Younger, it's light and predictable, but a completely heartfelt feminist fantasy chock full of great performances and chemistry.
  5. This show is growing on me. I really like the friendship between the three leads.

    And Melora Hardin is fabulous. She reminds me of a nicer Miranda Priestly.
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