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The Born This Way | Teenage Dream | Warrior 2nd Eras Rate - WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ThisIsRogue, May 8, 2017.

  1. I'm torn about giving it a 10, but I'm not sure yet. Maybe a 9.5.

    I can't believe I forgot how good this album is.
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  2. I don't know what 'Hair' is yet, but Ashley Tisdale's is a bop.

    *gets kicked out of rate*
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. This is such a Barbie car, I kind of love it.
  6. Well, I mean, Part Of Me was ranked my #4 song of all-time and Heavy Metal Lover at #18. They are both worthy candidates because of this, but I feel like Part Of Me might need it more.
  7. I was thinking about giving Heavy Metal Lover my 11, but then I remembered how much I love Bloody Mary. I'm going to hand out higher scores than I originally thought.
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  8. I gave Heavy Metal Lover 6,5 points higher than Part Of Me.
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  9. Okay so I didn't have Dirty Love so I was listening to the music video on youtube. Where did this solo version come from? Consider this a #ratediscovery because when I first heard Iggy Pop years ago, I deleted the song.
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  10. Whenever I have the...privilege to sit down and score Born This Way in another rate, I truly realize that I was blessed to have lived during a time when such a masterpiece was created.
  11. As if I needed to remember what you did to all my faves in the Cher Lloyd rate!
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  12. Light years ahead of whatever that was.
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  13. I didn't know there was a solo version of Dirty Love either. I just listened to it and the solo second verse is alright, but to me the song actually feels kind of empty without Iggy Pop.

    I suppose, much the same as you're free to rate E.T. featuring Kanye West or Crazy Kids featuring Will.I.Am (why though?), you're free to rate the solo version of Dirty Love.
  14. I can't wait to fight with you once this one starts!
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  15. Also I clocked that "@Posh Spears likes this" -- I love when you know a stan is on such a level that they have some kind of internalized radar that goes off whenever their fav is mentioned.
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  16. Have you listened to Born This Way (album) yet?

    Also, I should mention that I updated my first post with links to the albums on Spotify and Youtube.
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  17. Not yet, but I'll get there!

    I suspect it's going to be one of those albums I didn't really gravitate towards at the time because it all looked a bit outlandish and dark for my taste, but then it'll turn out to be full of massive pop melodies either way and I'll actually like it a lot. Based on the comments so far, I'm excited!

    ...I live under a rock, don't I?
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  18. Done.

    Gaga - 9.0 - 10x10 - 5x1
    Katy - 7.4 - 11x1 - 10x3 - 0x1
    Kesha - 7.2 - 10x3 - 2x1
  19. Finished!

    Born This Way
    Average: 8,35
    Highest: 7x 10
    Lowest: 1x 3,0

    Teenage Dream
    Average: 8,40
    Highest: 7x 10
    Lowest: 1x 2,0

    Average: 8,19
    Highest: 4x 10
    Lowest: 1x 5,0

    I am honestly shook Katy manages to get a higher average than Gaga, with Born This Way. I feel so much more emotionally bound to Born This Way. But there are 3 tracks on that album that drag it a bit down, whereas Katy has only two of those tracks. And that basically saved her. But I am actually more shook at Ke$ha holding up so well in this league. I am not giving this album the credit it deserves. Yes, there are not that many high's and the high's arenot as big as on either Born This Way and Teenage Dream, but there arenot any real lows either. A 5 is average in my book and if only one song goes as low as that. Well it is a strong album.
  20. I apologize in advance for all of potential incoherent commentary on Born This Way, but I was having a moment with it last night.

    It's not the first time people have seen messy stan-comments from me and it won't be the last.
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