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The Born This Way | Teenage Dream | Warrior 2nd Eras Rate - WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ThisIsRogue, May 8, 2017.

  1. We both gave BTW 10x10 and 5x1, gave our 11 to TD and yet our BTW averages are both still higher than our TD averages.
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  2. Apparently everybody else doesn't live under rocks. You guys are so fast!
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  3. I know all of these albums very well and there is another on-going rate taking up a lot of my time. Also, I know that the Garbage & Jojo rates are starting soon (artists I will be doing mostly discovering with) and I wanted to make sure I'm ahead of schedule.

    Plus I have a side project that I might be about to start.
  4. I gave BTW 10x10s and Hair was not one of them. Dead! Maybe I'll find a way to redeem myself during the Disney rate.*

    *And hopefully not dig myself a deeper hole.

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  5. No need to explain, haha, it was a compliment if anything!


    Tell me more.
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  6. THERE IS A GARBAGE RATE!?!?! Where and when?! I NEED this in my life!
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  7. This post always shows what comes up (I have this in my url favourites). I know. A bit sad, but I love to prepare for rates in advance.
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  8. Yay! Thanks so much! Can't wait! That's going to be one of my favorite rates ever.
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  9. I already rated and commented Born This Way, rated Teenage Dream, but did nothing with Warrior. I need to sit down and relisten to it!
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  10. I've been surprised with how quickly I've received ballots as well, but this is my first rate so I don't know if it's normal to have an early rush of votes.

    Voting for the rate hasn't even been open for a full week yet, so take your time. Since Born This Way will be a relatively new discovery for you, give it a few listens because it's a great album and you'll pick up on different elements with each listen.
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  11. It's definitely not normal to get votes quickly but I think cos these girls are popular and most people know the songs inside out then it's probably had a big rush of earlier votes than most rates.
  12. My scores are in.

    Born This Way : 8.47 (11 x 1, 10 x 6 / 5 x 1)
    Teenage Dream : 5.66 (10 x 2 / 0 x 2)
    Warrior : 5.09 (10* x 2 / 0 x 1)

    * C'mon for the top 10.
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  13. Ok I'm here for this. Teenage Dream is one of my all time favourite albums, so it'll be getting the best average. Just enough to make up for all the awful average's so far.

    Circle The Drain is the 2nd best on the album, sue me.
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  14. Teenage Dream has some absolutely fantastic songs on it but it's brought down by a couple of songs that are sub-par.

    I'll be doing album averages with and without deluxe tracks once all of the reveals are complete. I've been geeking out a little bit on descriptive statistics, which ones to include and how I should present them.
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  15. Circle The Drain is fantastic.
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  16. Hello there, at some point you've expressed interest in rating the music of these amazing ladies, so just letting y'all know that this rate is open for voting!

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