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The Chainsmokers – Memories… Do Not Open

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Their output since #Selfie is pretty amazing. They said that #Selfie was not their sound.

    And this is their most recent upload and it's brilliant.
  2. Rita Ora's 'Poison' is a total rip-off of their 'Kanye' song. The chorus is almost identical.
  3. I'd had never had noticed until you mentioned it!
    That being said Waterbed is on repeat at the moment.
  4. Love all of those tracks posted, hadn't heard them before. I heard this one called Let You Go the other day and its brilliant too.

    Also, I LOVED #SELFIE in a novelty/ironic sort of a way. Those lyrics were both shit and so typical of a night out with girls I know. Amazing.

  5. Bewp.
  6. No joke, I really loved Selfie as a critique of modern culture, and the idea that the people it made fun of loved it but then their output since has just made me think I was projecting on to the song.

    Maybe it was meant as a critique, but they wanted more hits. I can't fault them for that.
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  7. Roses is #51 on the Billboard Hot 100. Quite surprised at that
  8. Roses is pretty great. Very warm and inviting.
  9. I loved Selfie. It was tongue-in-cheek, fun and timely. I get them wanting to produce different types of music though.
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  10. Roses is my favourite of 2015 I think. It will always remind me of this year I think.
  11. Their remixes are absolutely incredible as well. Some of my favourites:

  12. Roses is incredible. Those synths are so dreamy!
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  13. Their remix of Say Lou Lou's Julian is an undiscovered hit. Like it has all the makings of a gigantic hit
  14. They're amazing. They had a Halloween show, but I didn't want to forgo the usual festivities. Hopefully I'll get another chance to see them.
  15. I've been looking for this thread for days (obviously dropped to the depths of the popjustice thread). But Roses is absolutely stunning and #6 on US iTunes. Could this turn into a hit at all?
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  16. I'm sure you could've worn slutty clothes at the concert too!
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  18. It will bop, smash and deal (you will).
  19. Just realized no one posted it but Don't Let Me Down is a certified pussy flying fucking bop.

    Was skeptical about the Daya collab, but she acquits herself well. Love the guitar line through the song. Their productions have been stellar lately. The beat drop in the chorus is just a tad generic but I think the verses and lead up to the bridge more than make up for it.

    The trumpet (or whatever it is) that comes in later is brilliant.