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The Chainsmokers – Memories… Do Not Open

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. I feel like there was more than this as well. I forgot how someone proved the "hack" was actually him clearly bored, but it was hilarious watching him attempt to backtrack.
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  2. I feel like I remember him tweeting Gaga something really disgusting about her aunt but I wasn't able to find a screengrab of it.

    I suppose I can take solace in the fact that it looks like music publications and journalists aren't buying into their shit.
  3. I seem to recall him @ing Halsey and calling her a bald bitch.
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  4. I just found out one of the songs on the album features Florida Georgia Line. I sincerely hope I never have the misfortune of hearing that song, ever. Match made in hell.
  5. I will say it's a LOT more fun to hate them than it is to hate Ed Sheeran, who really only gives me full body shivers of disgust and despair.
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  6. NO
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  7. Yup he said something really gross about her aunt. I don't think there was any actual proof except him saying he was hacked, then a couple more inflammatory tweets, then him finally deleting all of them or something along those lines. I think there was something going around about how verified accounts have added security that don't let you tweet from a different phone and the hacked tweets were from a mobile, but I don't know if that was true.
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  8. Yeah. There was also him saying the tweets were fake, but then someone made a video of one of the tweets on their timeline and them linking back to his page, that's when he claimed he was hacked.
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  9. The drop is giving me heart palpitations. I wasn't ready.
    It sounds so cheap yet so accurate
  11. That list made me lowkey wish Hipster Runoff was still around. I want to see Carles take the piss out of them.
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  12. So I finally read the Rolling Stone interview and I'm surprised that they pitched "Don't Let Me Down" to Rihanna. That was quite ambitious of them.

    Also, did they really make a reference to how endowed they are in their Billboard interview?
  13. Well, they got the last laugh as Don't Let Me Down was a hit and ANTI was terrible.
  14. Um......
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  15. They win basically, the have been winning since #selfie was a viral hit and a certified bop.
  16. Ok two of their inspirations, Monster Hospital and Digitalism, are straight up bops tho!!!

    Carles was running a new site about two years ago that had some really funny content. Seems he's taken it down now though and all the posts are gone.
  17. Rihanna has and continues to have plenty of hits without these shitheads, so I'm not sure this is the drag you want it to be and think it is.

    EDIT: Just realized who you are. Shouldn't reply to obvious trolls.
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  18. I'm sure her lead single spending 9 weeks at #1, another spending 16 weeks in the top 10, and another quick little top 5 hit, will have her running to The Chainsmokers for an easy smash to save her career!

    Poor Kiss It Better
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