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The Corrs - Jupiter Calling (10th of November)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. So, SO glad for this. It was only natural that they would reunite at some point.
  2. Go on, gooo on, come on, leave me breathless... Lord, I was so annoyed of hearing this on the radio all the time back in the day

    but I used to love Only When I Sleep!
  3. I love all of their albums but my favorite is Borrowed Heaven. Plus, they are great live, i have seen all of their DVDs.

    I became a fan after they disbanded and the first thing I listened was their Greatest Hits - I knew almost every song on it, I guess their singles I heard on the radio stuck with me.
  4. I'm the same. If they are actually recording a new album, it will be the first one of them I will buy at the time of release.
  5. Ray


    I hope they get Todd Terry on board as well. Unpopular pop opinion: his remix of "Dreams" is better than his remix of EBTG's "Missing".
  6. I've met Andrea a few times since she's moved to DC - she's such a freaking delight and excellent to have at a party. Happy for her and the rest of the band that they are doing this.

    If anyone is wondering, her favorite Girls Aloud song is 'Can't Speak French'.
  7. I'm not at all surprised to click on that tweet and find that his background is a picture of the all-seeing eye.
  8. Yes reuniting with one of the remixers of one of their singles is definitely top of their priorities Ray.

    Oh and 'here for this'.
  9. Putting this on the first page while I still have the chance:

  10. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this.

    Thing with the Corrs it that (as long as the material is strong) they can probably release at any time point and sell well. Their music has that timeless quality to it
  11. I know what you mean, most of their material doesn't feel aged at all.

    Yeah, Jim has gone a bit wacko in the post-band years. But oh well, as long as we get more music...
  12. Oh, great! I didn't even know she's lived in Washington. And try as I might, I can't give up Can's Speak French as my favourite GA song. It's good when your favourite singers share your favourites!
  13. Wahoo!

    I don't think they'll be huge again (the public is way too fickle these days), but it's still good to have them back. I for one wasn't expecting this at all, or at least not at this point.
  14. Borrowed Heaven is definitely their best. Baby Be Brave is amazing. And you have to love Summer Sunshine.
  15. I agree with the songs you mentioned and I LOVE the titled track Borrowed Heaven, Even If and Humdrum. Actually the only song I'm not very fond of is Time enough For Tears, bit boring and feels too long to my ears.
  16. FANTASTIC news! Really looking forward to this...Andrea Corr is one of the best female vocalists in the music business.
  17. Unplugged is my favourite album. Just amazing vocals and music.
  18. Yes, they are great live. However, I do remember watching DVD The Corrs - Live In London and I was very disappointed by Andrea's vocals. Maybe she had a bad day or something but DVD concert is not very good. But the rest is awesome though.
  19. But does anyone know how they met originally?