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The Disney Classics Rate (Song #15 | Film #15)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I hate you so much I can't wait for your gen 6/7 rate.
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  2. Obviously.
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  3. Live footage of @Animalia dragging me to hell with that "who are you?" jab.

  4. At this point I'm just happy I don't expect my 11 to win anyway.
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  5. @eccentricsimply helping a fellow Brazilian out with the appropriate animal cruelty, I see.

    Also, for some reason I have this crazy random notion that your name is Sara. Is that a character in The Aristocats? I wouldn't know.
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  6. I'm guessing her name is Marie.
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  7. Maria though, cause Marie is the French version.
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  8. I'm still recovering from the Swish Swish gif. I gave out so many low scores in this rate, maybe I should get a villain avatar.
  9. Just trying to think who we don't have yet... A-HA! Hades!

    (Or you can take over Gaston, I'm probably gonna retire him in favour of someone else.)
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  10. If I remember correctly, Ursula, Scar and Jafar are also available.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Also, yeah, Gaston is now up for grabs. I thought I ought to have one who better reflects my Golden Age loves...
    C̶̱͉͍̭H̢̘͇̖̠̰̹E̻̟͈̟͓̝̣R̦̹͓̤N̼̫A͉̖͓̝͖B̘͉̯Ó̮̯̦G҉ H̩͈̼̙̜͞A̸̲̯̰̤͈̠S̟̜̻͍̦͜ ͓̝̹̬̠A͖̲̲W̦̖̩͚̳A̖K͈̭̭̳͇ͅE͡N̛̼E̘̮Ḑ̥.̡͕̥̪ ̙̲̜F̡͍̻͈̳̣͔E̥͔̘ͅA̤̙̜̠ͅR̠ ̵̞ME̺͠, ̧̺͕̖̰̼M̢̖̟O̩̘̙R̼̳̗͕̗̼T͚͙͚̼̥̭Ą̙̲L̛̪͕͚̱̣S.̻̝̞ ̸̼̬̞͕
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  12. Can I be Clopin?

  13. Woop, sorry bb. @Animalia

    And it's the best avatar of the bunch even.
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  14. Excited to see which @ohnostalgia chooses! I suggest the Red Queen. She is hilarious.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Wow talk about shit job (my brand tho)
  16. @Animalia please tell me you've posted the Swish Swish gif in the Witness thread! It's too good to not be shared!
  17. I didnt vote (seemed like a lot of work) but have just been scrolling through this and @Animalia you have me hooked, some great narrative, love it, I most certainly will be keeping up with how this progresses.
  18. Had to join the fun and switch my avatar as I said I would a month ago to the thirsty triplets. Looks like @Ironheade changed from Gaston so the only thing my triplets have left to be thirsty for are results.
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  20. It's probably for the best that The Aristocats' title track wasn't included, because I have a feeling all of the songs from that movie are going to be unfairly slaughtered. I love those jazzy cats, dammit. They deserve better!
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