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The Eleventh Doctor Rate - voting closes #soon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by joe_alouder, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Popjustice eh...the forum who waited.


    Until now.

    ... on the Forums of Popjustice, at the TV and Film Subforum, when no living poster can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked — a question that must never ever be answered: "Is Joe capable of hosting another rate without the help of his Impossible Girl/@stradiwhovius?"


    Well y'all...

    I was reluctant to take on a new companion after the demise/graduate employment of my last, but @Aidan made a way of making 'total screaming genius' sound modest and a tiny bit sexy plus I needed someone to do spreadsheets cause I'm dumb. So here we are with Popjustice's Official Rate of the Eleventh Doctor's era.

    1. Scores between 0 and 10 - Decimal points to one numeral are permitted.
    2. You are allowed to score one episode with the hallowed 11.
    3. Voting Opens on Christmas Day and Closes Midnight on January 7th. (I'm giving y'all fair warning by making the thread so 2 weeks should be enough to score after doing any rewatches over the hols!
    4. Commentary is encouraged and compulsory when scoring episodes rated a 3 and below, this applies to any episodes rated above a 9 too. It will improve everyone's enjoyment of the rate tenfold believe me.
    5. Send Score PM's to the spreadsheet overlord @Aidan


    6. Please don't be a dick when it comes to people's opinions on this era either way, it's controversial and divisive but keep it civil, respect each other and your hosts and have fun cause yeah this is my fave show and I get to mix it with my fave place on the internet.

    Let's go girls...

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  2. SERIES 5

    The Eleventh Hour
    The Beast Below
    Victory of the Daleks
    The Time of Angels
    Flesh and Stone
    Vampires of Venice
    Amy's Choice
    The Hungry Earth
    Cold Blood
    Vincent and the Doctor
    The Lodger
    The Pandorica Opens
    The Big Bang

    A Christmas Carol

    SERIES 6

    The Impossible Astronaut
    Day of the Moon
    The Curse of the Black Spot
    The Doctor's Wife
    The Rebel Flesh
    The Almost People
    A Good Man Goes to War

    Let's Kill Hitler
    Night Terrors
    The Girl Who Waited
    The God Complex
    Closing Time
    The Wedding of River Song

    The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe

    SERIES 7

    Asylum of the Daleks
    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
    A Town Called Mercy
    The Power of Three
    The Angels Take Manhattan

    The Snowmen

    The Bells of St. John
    The Rings of Akhaten
    Cold War
    Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
    The Crimson Horror
    Nightmare in Silver
    The Name of the Doctor

    Day of the Doctor
    Time of the Doctor


    Night of the Doctor
    SJA: Death of the Doctor
    An Adventure in Space and Time
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  5. The Big Bang, The Doctor's Wife, Day Of The Doctor, The Angels Take Manhatten and Vincent And The Doctor are all my 11 contenders I think...
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  6. The spreadsheet is ready FYI so if your scores are done before the 25th feel free to send them in
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  9. When is the last day of voting?
  10. 7th of January! Gives the festive period to get back into the swing of things and hopefully the Xmas special will have people in a suitably good mood for it.
  11. Definitely up for this.
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  12. plz vote it'd be lovely to have a new year's project xo
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  13. I’ve done most of my scores and commentary. There’s a few episodes I just don’t have the courage to watch yet.
  14. You're all going to do my 11 the dirtiest dirty you can and I will be fine.

  15. Not when low voter turnout and our more or less exact same taste comes into play x
  16. 11 is definitely my Doctor and was at the helm for the height of my fandom, and I've been meaning to rewatch Who for a while. Exciting times!
  17. I've just posted my scores.

    I wasn't a fan of The Smith Era and during my rewatch some of it is worse than I remember. Just like last time, I'll post opinions when each episode appears in the rate. My take on The Capaldi Era (especially when Moffat's best companion Bill arrives) is far better and I'll score higher.