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The End of the F***ing World - Netflix

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. The End of the F***ing World
    2017 16+
    A budding teen psychopath and a rebel hungry for adventure embark on a star-crossed road trip in this darkly comic series based on a graphic novel.

    Seems cool?
    Coming Jan 5
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  2. To paraphrase a friend of mine, are they interesting or are they just white?
  3. A netflix original? It was on Channel 4 in the UK earlier this year...
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  4. Shhh
  5. Poor Black Mirror kid getting typecast tho
  6. I watched it on Channel 4, it was good, but I think it could have benefited from being an episode or 2 shorter. It becomes a bit middling towards the end, like they couldn't stretch the story out to 8 episodes, but had an order to fill. The first few episodes were excellent though.
  7. 2 episodes in and loving it.

    I hope it will end up being poignant though and not problematic.

    Edit: Episode 3 definitely left me feeling some kind of way. It felt
    like a bit much to absolve James of his "tendencies".
    I really hope this show ends on a poignant note.
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  8. Fuck this was AMAZING.
  9. This show is so good FUCK

    The growth of the two characters was amazing. The police sub - romance was sublime. The bursts of humour are hilarious. And the plot is just utterly gripping. How did I go from finding the leading pair a bit annoying in Ep 1 to being like PLS GET ON THAT BOAT AND BE FREE! by the end?

    Also RE: the ending.

    Wtf! Will there be a second series? Is he really dead? I kinda wish it did end with them sailing off into the sunset just so I knew I could have another series of these two mesmerising characters!