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The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2018 - Voting Open!

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Nobody asked/tagged me, although I'm all over the Melfest and Eurosong threads


    I'll survive though!
  2. Wait where's Nika?
  3. First set of votes already received.

  4. House on Fire by Ivy Queenoo

  5. Crack My Code is foul.

    I'mma keep my crack coded, thank you.

  7. Lemme watch the live performance before I decide whether to drag you

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  8. Anything would be better performed than the nightmare that actually won for Hungary though....
  9. There is no:
    - yesyes - hu
    - LAUD - ua
    - Frankie Animal - ee
    - Sudden Lights - lv
    - Pavel Callta - cz
    - Eleanor Cassar - mt
    - FELIX SANDMAN - se
    - Saulės kliošas - lt
    - Vera Țurcanu - md
    - Sergiu Bolotă - ro
    - Aron Hannes - is
    - Arde from Aitana - es
    - Ida Mario - no

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  10. [​IMG]
  11. You folks got me screaming everytime, love you! <3
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  12. There are just over 2 weeks left to vote!

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  13. I can’t wait to see everyone’s votes and announcers.
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  14. Y'all really have lost your damn minds for making me listen to Potato Potato
  15. I wanna give my 12 to Polish Margaret