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The Fifth Harmony is you, the fans.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Looks like something is happening between Dinah and Leona. I'm excited!

  2. oh come on that is pre-recorded vocals right there! they look pretty though
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  3. Wow the vocal twinsies are coming
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  4. Not only vocal twinsies, but also in appearance. It's freaky how much Dinah looks like Leona and vice versa. They could pass off as sisters.
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  5. My two faves collabing! I just hope it's not a Christmas song.
  6. Oh you're out of luck, its a Christmas medley apparently.
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  7. Mess

    Also, I was watching a video of their Jingle Ball set at Poptopia, and are they still using Camila's vocals on parts of Sledgehammer? A year later?
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  8. You just don't get current Tumblr aesthetics babe @Florencia.
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  9. I read that as techno and had a hard-on.
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  10. No thanks
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  11. Where can I purchase this cover and the Christmas song they did? Are they Spotify exclusives?
  12. Not that Feels cover actually snatching me. Where are those harmonies in their own music.
  13. Exactly!! They downplay their harmonies when it’s simply what sets them apart in the current pop scene. They sound gorgeous! It’s a shame we might not get an album full of harmonies from them.
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  14. I hate how short it is and how it ends so abruptly, imagine Ally doing Big Sean's verse!

    Feels is a Spotify exclusive but you should be able to get Can You See on iTunes.
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  15. Do we reckon they're done with the album now, singles-wise? Such a shame because that album is amazing.
  16. He Like That is still that bop and the video remains perfect.
  17. Scream at them using the ad-libs from studio version. By the way, have steams for He Like That ever leaked? Need it.
  18. He Like That is my favorite pop song of the entire year. I am a super picky grader and couldn't even find a ten on some of the "artsy" artist's albums of this year, but there's literally nothing I dislike about that song even if I nitpick.
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