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The Fifth Harmony is you, the fans.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. I know I'm still stumped nothing happened to it!!!???
  2. It probably would've done more had it been the first single.
  3. Down was such an awful lead single choice. He Like That would've been perfect.
  4. Down grew on me enough to not skip it when it comes on, but I thought it was an awful lead single choice. Especially after the success of Work.
  5. This is like when people are... wrong.
    No. Down is megabop.
  6. Down is a bonafide 10/10 bop.
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  7. Down remains a half-baked turd of a pop tune that tried and failed to recapture the glory of Work From Home. The video was one of the most forgettable major clips of the year. In retrospect, it's shocking that they would have put any thought at all into releasing that single and that video as the lead for their first era without Camilla and post-WFH. The fact that they followed it up with Angel as the pre-album track and video basically left them with no one to blame but themselves for no one caring by the time He Like That rolled around, despite how perfect it was for radio and how great the video was.
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  8. Down is a bop but a terrible lead single in the wake of Work From Home.
  9. He Like That should've been the lead. Video, song, looks, sound... everything was perfect.
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  10. That cover of Feels is better than anything else on their 3rd album! Those harmonies, lawd!!!
  11. Jesus...
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  12. Down remains perfection.
    He Like That remains perfection.
  13. RJF


    They honestly have the worst fans in the world.
  14. I really fucking hate fandoms like this. I've never understood the drive behind waiting for celebrities at airports, hotels, or anywhere else and expecting that they owe you their time, a photo, or anything else. The way these fans responded is particularly fucked up and obnoxious.
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  15. Their fans are literally evil. What is the logic behind their actions?
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  16. That is so awful, there should be more of a conversation about fans, their sense of entitlement and crossing the line. Being teenagers is not an excuse anymore.
  17. I feel so bad like if you’re going to harass them at least buy their music and go to their concerts. They just get all the crap from having a big fan base but none of the rewards. I genuinely fear for their safety sometimes.
  18. Apparently those aren't actual fans. They pull the same stunt with different celebrities (if Twitter is to be believed).
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  19. Their voices sound SO much alike, there were lots of moments where I couldn't distinguish who was singing! Such a beautiful medley and, gosh, I miss Leona.