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The Great British Bake Off

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Sep 18, 2012.

  2. I honestly cannot think of Stacey without laughing at this point. Every time I think of her I immediately think of this thread and "That's so Stacey" and I can't keep my laughter in.

    Liam is adorable. He seems like such a genuine and kind hearted person. I love him.

    The more that people dislike Steven, the more I love him and want to taste his cannoli.

    Do the judges really not consider the contestant's past weeks when deciding who to get rid of? In a way, I don't really think that's fair, if that's the case. They always say it's based on a contestant's performance during that particular week. I'm sad to see Yan go this week, just like I was sad to see Julia go last week.
  3. I don’t know why but Sophie gives me low-key psychopath vibes and if she can embrace those before the final and do something like set Kate’s bakes on fire I’m 100% on board with her winning.

    Otherwise Liam’s probably the best combination of winner who deserves it and winner I actually like.
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  4. This is what bugs me the most about the show, they're very inconsistent. You'll see people go because they have a very bad week even though the preceding weeks they've been great, but other times people are given the benefit of the doubt. Even worse I seem to remember some finals where it's all been about that final week, which is completely wrong, the final should be about who's been the best overall (so in this case, bar some serious fuck ups, the crown should be our lyspy-king's!)
  5. Sophie should win.

    Put Stacey in the final for a kii.
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  6. I'm catching up on last year's kiis and goodbye.
  7. My sign: Torturing YANimals is not entertaining. I am a proud yanimal and will continue to stan until she wins Bake Off All Stars.
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  8. @UnionJackMix is it because Liam's black?

    Please still have me on ignore.
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  9. I'm sure Kate is more than capable of achieving this herself.
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  10. Wasn't going to watch this season live because I was expecting it to be a mess but going by your reactions, I'm guessing it's worth it to catch up?
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  11. If you enjoyed it before, you'll still enjoy it, its as good and Prue, Noel and Sandi are great.
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  12. Get in the queue
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  13. A&E


    If Kate somehow manages to flop her way to the next episode yet again...

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  14. When Stacey fucks up again but the choice is between her and Kate? Stacey wins.

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  15. I know I'm late, BUT FUCK. Not Yan!

    This series has been excellent, and I've enjoyed the move to Channel 4 a lot, but some of these eliminations are baffling.
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  16. You will like it even more
  17. Prue is pitiless, love her. Mary Berry's evil twin.
  18. I've just caught up and Yan leaving is a TRAVESTY.

    We love an iconic legend though!

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  19. Stay back slut
  20. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

    Also, always wondered about these proving drawers, is it a British thing that every household has, cause I've never seen a house with one? Or is it something only people who bake a lot would have?
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