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The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: We going deeper

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. I'll get this done tonight along with hopefully some ayu rate elims
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  2. Ehm... can anyone who asked for the 4 extra rare tracks send them to our boo @Remorque by any chance? I'm at work and will be able to assist only in about 9 hours. THANK YOU!
  3. I’m so sorry, I won’t have time to do this... I’ll try to participate in the second part. Sorry, sorry, sorry @evilsin!
    Y’all better not do Selfish dirty.
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  4. Welp, it's doomed now that you're not able to take part. Kanashiiiiiiii~~~
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  5. I am going to cook (starving) and then I am all yours!
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  6. Feed me and tell me stories? Be there in an hour.
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    And an unofficial 11 hours notice, kii.

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    Thank you everyone who have submitted the scores and especially commentary.
    The first elimination is coming in 10 hours (she's going to bed), give or take, so you can still send in the results if you're almost done or want to add some more commentary.

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  9. WHERE‽

  10. So @aaronhansome is fast asleep and he promised his scores, but didn't send them in. Do we wait for him to make our voted number 15 or nah?
  11. Let's wait a while.mp3
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  12. Hope our boo @aaronhansome doesn't disappoint and delivers.
  13. I'm so sorry I was out all day and never got to finish them, and I'm busy all day today as well
  14. And so we begin...

    18 hours later than we were supposed to...

    75 It's a small world feat. Heartsdales
    Average: 4,18

    Highest score: 9x2 (@Sprockrooster, @Weslicious, really guys?)
    Lowest score: 0x1 (@RUNAWAY)
    My score: 4

    And here we have our first blood in the face of a cover of a Disney song that was written for a ride at the Disneyland by Sherman Brothers. The song appears as a bonus track on the first press and special editions of secret.

    Honestly I don't know why Kumi even recorded this. Apparently it was used in the soundtrack for the Japanese release of the film Around The World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The song is just... it's a bit dull and even the inclusion of Heartsdales doesn't really help. This always looks like a troll move from Kumi, because it's on one of her most praised albums. I guess kids will love it, but I and most of you don't. It was at the bottom right from the beginning and hence we say goodbye to my lowest score in the whole rate.

    Not suprisingly, taken aback by this weirdly gruesome track, you gave it a bit of a commentary. @GhettoPrincess (3) needed some assistance, "Erm…. help me", while @lalaclairi_ (1) was lmao'ing, "The sheer hilarity of Kumi having "It's a small world" in her discography is keeping me from giving this a 0." Some of you were very against this, like our bud @RUNAWAY, "NO. First out please."

    Still a couple of you really came through for this poor ditty that was battered down like a cattle. @Sprockrooster said, "OH MY GOD. Such a bop." I honestly thought he might have mixed up the songs (a running theme for Sprocky here), when I recieved his ballot, but alas this is what we have. Another savior of the track, @Weslicious, was really into it and let's a bit of his stan out while also hinting at the fact that he doesn't really have a sweet tooth, "I don't care, I love this. I just about lost it when we got a live performance during the Kingdom tour (but don't expect high scores with the cute stuff during the later rounds. This is one of the only 'oh, it’s cute I love it' moments I have for her diabetes inducing, sickly sweet tracks)."

    There is even a "house" remix for this.
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  15. And it's a mess already with me posting the incomplete elimination... Editing those in!
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  16. Wait at The Theme of Sister Jill doing better!?!?

    Oh, you guys

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  17. Okay, now that I got the hang of this whole "being a host thing" there is going to be a round of eliminations a bit later.
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  18. [​IMG]
    74 The Theme Of Sister Jill ~LOVE & HONEY version~
    Average: 5,46

    Highest score: 7,5x1 (@send photo who entitled this one "The Theme of Sister Amniotic", you'll see it's a theme with him, because he's a binch)
    Lowest score: 3x3 (@GhettoPrincess, @Eskiath, @lalaclairi_)
    My score: 7

    Next out is another odd one. The Theme of Sister Jill is a b-side on a LOVE & HONEY single (the full version titled ~LOVE & HONEY version~ is only on a CD version of the single) and was written by Kumi and Sachi Bennett specifically for the Cutie Honey movie that brought quite a bit of spotlight on our Kumi here. The song itself is a pretty standard ballad that starts pretty wierd, but once it gets to the Japanese part it opens up and one might even forget that Kumi sings about an eternal queen of darkness. What's interesting about this one is that Kumi soar high by the end of the track, it's weird how she decided to push herself vocally here, considering how little people would listen to it... or get to the end of it.

    Your comments for the song reflect my sentiment. @RUNAWAY (7) let's us know that "it's a song from a movie. Nothing really revolutionary here. It's cute." and @Sprockrooster (7) agrees with me, "Not sure about that intro, but it really takes off after it." @GhettoPrincess wonders "What in the actual hell is this?" while @Weslicious (5) has a bit of a kii "I may occasionally playlist the short version for a lol."

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  19. I have to apologize to @Monkey0 because I missed their commentary for It's a small world in my notes. They said, "She covered Baha Men. Such experimental artists!"... I'm not familiar, sorry.
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  20. NEKUSUTO PE-JI he.