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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: Okaeri nasai

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. TABOO haters won't be tolerated!
  2. TABOO to her haters.

  3. Nobody tolerates me anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I do.
  5. When you realise you have to score A Whole New World...Jesus, I actually forgot it was on Second Session. "Bonus" track my arse, it actually detracts from the album!
  6. It's a small world feat. Heartsdales teas.
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  7. Black Cherry really is only decent because the singles are so good. Almost all the album tracks are forgettable or rubbish.
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  8. Okay, my rating begins tomorrow. I’m ready.

  9. I really miss this era of her discography. She seemed unstoppable back in the day.
  10. YAS.
    She doesn't seem like stopping now as well, considering she's chucking out 2 albums a year.
  11. [​IMG]

    I wonder how many titles I can slip amniotic fluids into this time
  12. All of them.
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  13. I mean the amount of money avex used to pour into her releases. Everything seemed so grand with all the promotion she used to get.
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  14. Yeah, it happens when you're the hottest artist selling millions. The fall is inevitable though

    I'm still shocked that they let her release so much. She might have been a legacy act for several years now, but it's still astonishing.
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  15. Listening to "Under" like
  16. Where did you get the footage of me and @send photo on a weekend?
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  17. Listening A Whole New World makes me regret getting the first press edition of Second Session!
  18. 3 weeks till the deadline... might as well start this.


    This best, people, this fucking best.
    Imagine you stumbled upon a new artist, who is certainly not a newbie by this point of her career and has a bit of material to check out, but no! You are bombarded by the constant flow of new music and visual stimuli right off the bat! Kumi's 12 singles in 12 weeks was something entirely else. I can't even fathom how astonishing it was living at the time somewhere in Tokyo with Kumi freaking everywhere! Doing this after the success of Best ~first things~ was such a smart move and I hope whoever came up with the idea got a raise. I mean it did sell close to 2 million like it's predecessor, not counting the singles, and it did spawn (pre-spawn?) her first two #1 Oricon hits ever - you and feel.

    Despite having all of the songs except 2 and a half being released in the span of 3 months, this best is hard to call a best, mainly due to how fast we got the music with no other releases in between. Hence I tend to regard this as a studio album, although technically it's not. And speaking of music itself here we have one of the strongest pop offering in Kumi's discography. Pratically every single song shines on it's own highlighting the genre it represents and showing what a music chameleon Kumi is. Seriously, I love all of the songs here not you, A Whole New World and I feel so blessed that I arrived just in time for Kumi's ascension to the throne. Where ~first things~ felt like an ending to a prologue, ~second session~ was a proper beginning to chapter 1.

    The artwork and the music videos were all simply amazing. Because of the scans for the singles I met one of my best friends of 12 years. Wow.
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  19. And they deserve to be too!

    Same here!

    That's so cool!

    This is one of my favourite periods of her career. I used to love logging in to the JPopMusicForums everyday to see what the latest news on the 12 singles releases were. Like you said, releasing these singles after First Things (another nostalgic time in her career for me) was a stroke of genius!
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  20. I became a fan right before the start of the 12 singles project and it was quite THE event.
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