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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: Okaeri nasai

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. Yeah, I started to frequent a Russian Ayu forum at the time and there was this new member who was posting full booklet scans for the 12 singles so I messaged her on ICQ only to learn where she was getting those. Surprisingly, she decided to go byond that and we just started chatting every day about JPop and whatnot and then evenrually got to meet up. She's one of my favorite persons ever.
    YEEEEEES. People were shook.
    Like some acts tried to do something similar, but no one even dared to think about 12 in 12.
  2. I'm just about done my first run-through of the list, only TRICK and those last 4 extras left to go. I didn't really get the big deal about the lack of cohesion in her albums until I got to Kingdom; the whiplash between some of the tracks there is really something. But I've found some new jams for sure.
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  3. I mean if you didn't notice JUICY going into Candle Light into Cherry Girl...
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  4. I noticed it, it just didn't really affect me as much as going from anytime to Under to BUT to Koi no Mahou to Aishou. And WONDERLAND sandwiched between Anata ga Shite Kureta Koto and FREAKY is kind of crazy too. But I mean, not necessarily in a bad way. None of the tracks get lost when they all sound that different, at least.
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  5. Yeah, it's all very hodge podge when it comes to tracklistings on her part. The pinnacle was Bon Voyage when they plastered two interludes one after another. I mean it's a bit hard to blame the people responsible for those atrocities considering the vast amount of genres on one album, but they still could've tried.
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  6. It's easy not to notice if you always skip Candle Light, which I highly recommend.

    JUICY into Cherry Girl =

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  7. I think I’ve been far more generous with my Kuu scores than my Ayu scores, but oh well.

  8. YOU? YOU!? YOU‽ Nooo, not with that nickname.
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  9. Dddddd username aside, Ayu is my fave. Although my scores for Kumi might suggest otherwise as well.
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  10. To the closeted Kuu fans: it gets better.
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  11. Keep telling yourself that, fellow Kuuter.
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  12. I thought we were called Kuutie Honeys.
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  13. I always liked Kuuchies the best.
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  14. I'll only be able to send mine closer to the deadline! But I won't forget about this.
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  15. I'll be waiting, hun.
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  16. Red Cherry is definitely the best of the two Won't Be Longs on Black Cherry. At least I got something out of listening to this album again. It was a better experience this time round.
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  17. There is something about the Black Cherry version though that makes it a bit of a bop. To me the version with EXILE is the best, because ATSUSHI's vocal bounce back of Kumi's quite nicely.
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  18. ^I'm not even sure I've heard that version *gasp* I must rectify this!
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  19. What? It's the orignal though the original of a cover dddd
    I mean I even provided a link in the first post.
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  20. ^Thanks! I never listen to JPop singles before I buy the album (although I'm not always as good as this nowadays) so everything is new to me when I get the album. I guess I kinda forgot about this one!
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