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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: We're back

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. In a way...
  2. I mean, I won't say it's not a mess, but it's an iconic mess.
  3. Not at all, it was very enriching! I'm in awe of your verbosity and I'm excited for more!
  4. Honestly, same. I'm really bad with words.
  5. I was just skimming the thread and for a second thought this was in response to the talk about That Ain't Kuu.
    I was shook, shocked and shaken and ready to head to the spot!
  6. [​IMG]
    Dear Family

    Average: 6,48
    Highest score: 9x1 (@me! Me, you heathens!) 8,5x2 (@vague, @RUNAWAY), 8x2 (@Love Deluxe, @ThisIsRogue)
    Lowest score: 3x1 (@Eskiath heathen!) 4,5x1 (@TABOO)
    My score: ISSA 9!

    Okay, I'm totally calm, I'm not mad, no, really, I'm fine... WHAT THE BLOODY HELL, PEOPLE‽ Seeing this plummeting to its death as the scores were coming in was not a pleasant experience whatsoever. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this winning, but I really hoped for some nice placement in the Top50 for this. The lovely track was produced by Tomokazu "T.O.M" Matsuzawa (Kumi's show girl and Driving, the best songs by MiChi, the whole Welcome to Jas Vegas by JASMINE and a plethora of amazing remixes) and written by Kumi. I can see how this might feel like it drags a bit and I agree that it might have benefitted from amping up the tempo a tad, still overall this is such an earworm. The arrangement that marries island tinged sounds with traditional Japanese ones is just so sublime here. Not to mention the part from the middle 8 and onward is simply breathtaking. Besides Kumi sounds amazing as she pours her heart out about her love for her family don't forget misono! No really, those lyrics are great and I'm posting them in full because there is no repeated chorus in this.

    I'm sure no one else

    ever really knows my pain
    What kind of feelings has my heart been touched with?
    I can't recall at all

    Close to my heart, I put my eyes on the camera lens
    Close to my heart, and, changing the angle a little, I see the world
    Close to my heart, if there are things I don't like,
    then I'll make them convenient weapons

    The scenery, air, and color of the town
    are overflowing with happiness
    If I look through the lens a little,
    I feel like I can become a new me...

    Every day I'm too worried about those around me
    Before I know it
    I'm unable to talk with you about anything, and tears appear
    My heart feels like it'll break

    Dear family, baby, you always noticed
    Dear family, baby, I don't want you to do anything
    Dear family, baby, just stay by my side
    And warm me with you laughter

    From the start, I'd never give up
    I was too close, and unable to notice it
    Those persons cry together with me
    and melt the darkness of my heart

    Because pressing on for dear life
    and taking a break
    are all a part of me
    I stay calm and hum cheerfully★

    Because I have only one life
    I don't want to regret
    As long as my feelings don't fade,
    I can keep on laughing
    You taught me that

    (c) @otenkiame

    I didn't know there were so many ungrateful churls up in here, but okay, guess that's the demographic I'm working with, huh? @TABOO got me hooked, "Look, the lyrics are sweet." ...Yes... "Dear Family just goes on for too long, and it’s far too bland." And he lost me. This is not bland, you are! Just listen to this a couple more times and you'll feel the flavor. @aaronhansome (5) showed his rarely seen head, "I like the arrangement but the melody does nothing for me" Listen, I'm telling you, this is going to work. Just listen to this a couple more times and you'll get on with the melody. @EachSmallStep (6,5) appreciates the obvious "I do like the Asian R&B sound." Would've liked at least half a point more though, hun. The lyrics deserve it! Oh well, Just listen to this a couple more times and enjoy that R'n'B sound. Speaking of the lyrics, @otenkiame (7) confirmed the meaning, "Aww...Kuu dedicated a song to her family. I like the laid-back feel and the steel instrument giving island music sounds. It does feel just a tad too long, I guess." It's all an illusion, just listen to this a couple more times and you'll love the length. When it comes to lengths, @Weslicious (6) is in the higher echelons... probably. What do I know, right? "It’s different from her. Other than being different though, its nothing special." It is very unique in her discography, you're right, and yet just listen to this a couple more times and you'll understand how special this is.

    After all that, I'm so glad that I've got a friend in @vague, "oh, waow, this is a great lil midtempo. it's so sweet, and she sounds utterly fantastic." YES! So glad you've enjoyed this, you should just listen to this a couple more times and bask in its glory again. @ThisIsRogue is another friend indeed, "Such a smooth, chill bop. It has a nice groove to it." Yup, once again, I have to agree, and I know you just have to listen to this a couple more times and groove along. We're finishing with yet another one of the highest scorers, @RUNAWAY, who has to have his comment edited because I couldn't believe he said that of reasons, "I like this A LOT more than LAST ANGEL. It’s definitely more in line with what I like from Kuu. If you couldn’t tell, I love her mid-tempos and ballads more than her [REDACTED]-jams. Not saying her uptempos and [REDACTED]-jams are bad, because THEY AREN’T, I just LOVE her mid-tempos and MOST of her ballads. This song reminds me a lot of Gentle Words and I love that about this one." Oh wow, the [REDACTED] parts aside, I didn't even think about this, but Gentle Words does sound like a cousin to Dear Family. Amazing. Now go and just listen to this a couple more times and wash your mouth with soap.

    Of course this gem has to be curse to never be performed live.

    Why don't y'all listen to this a couple more times and imagine how beautiful this would sound live.
  7. I did bump my score up a couple points to 7 on that one after reading the lyrics because they're very touching, but I'm afraid that even after several listens it just didn't grab me. Sorry bb! Also I'm dying at all those [redacted]s, what kind of censorship...!
  8. Wait what the fuck did I say?

    Also, RIP Dear Family. You deserved better.
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  9. But did you listen to it a couple more times so it would eventually grab you?
    Dddd, you really don't remember?
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  10. Oh yeah, we have another tie coming up. Guess it's Kumi's destiny.
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  11. Lolol I could listen to it 100 more times and it wouldn't change my mind but I admire your dedication to promoting Kuu! I take back my fake stan comment from earlier.
  12. I hope we're seeing a certain Black Cherry single leaving soon ~
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  13. Mmhmm it's probably WON'T BE LONG's time to go. Although I only listened to the album version!
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  14. Hun, at this point no one can take away my triple platinum double laminated rose gold tinted stan card. I'm hers for life.
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  15. That's... not who I was thinking of!
  16. Well that's weird since it's the worst song left from Black Cherry that was also a single!
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  17. Guys, I'm so sorry, I don't have it in me to do the reveal today. Here's hoping I will be able to eliminate both songs in the tie tomorrow. I also need to think what to do with one of the reveals... Hmm....
  18. No worries, go at the pace you can manage hon!
  19. Oh, has Koi No Tsubomi been eliminated?

  20. While you all wait for tonights eliminations, you can give a hand to yourself for getting me to 14000 likes. Thank you! The 14000th was awarded by @mi|kshake.