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The Madonna Unreleased Rate (A winner has been crowned)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Yeah, I saw that. Really weird.

    But where do you guys think Two Steps Behind Me placed in this rate?
  2. Yeah, I really hate how it's a story. I like the narrative quality of Mer Girl and Queen, but in Get Up, it just doesn't work.
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  3. The next elimination is a casualty for those who want ballads out. But is this the one you really want out?



    Average: 6.8

    Highest Score: 10 (@Andy French)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Posh Spears)

    My Score: 7

    “If You Go Away” is an adaptation of the 1959 song “Ne me quitte pas” by Jacques Brel. The English lyrics were written by Rod McKuen. It’s been covered by many artists. Madonna’s version was recorded for the musical “Hey Suckers,” but since that was shelved, it was never used.

    I really have to be in the mood for this one. It reminds me of the MDNA arrangements of Like A Virgin and Love Spent. It’s very dark and moody, kind of noir. Reminds me of cigarette smoke and seedy bars. For all its atmosphere, I don’t think the song itself super compelling, but her voice sounds excellent. Strong, rich, soulful are all good adjectives to describe it. It’s amazing how much a good vocal can elevate a song.

    Posh Spears (4) must realize that this song carries a certain amount of weight because he apologizes for finding it boring: “Boring sorry.” You don’t need to apologize for that. You do, however, need to apologize for giving Triggering a 9.5. Epic Chocolat gives Madonna 5 points for effort, but she doesn’t bring him around to the song: “Nice try but I never liked the song, whatever the version.” One Stop Candy Shop (7.5) also admires the vocals, “Great vocals here. Wouldn't have been out of place at Tears Of A Clown.” If only the Tears Of A Clown vocals sounded so good. Zdarlight (8) calls this a “Stunning cover. Her voice is perfect here.” I’m glad her vocals on this are getting many props. WhatKindOfKylie? (8) finally finds a slowie he can love: “Stunning vocals, and I also happen to love the melodramtic feel and angst of it too. Madonna the torch singer, is one reventation that quite appeals! More of this is always welcome.” etienne (7) gives her props for being able to convincingly cover the song: “A brave choice. I find it amazing that she can pull this one off actually.”

    Let’s end with the OG version of this:

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  4. Ohhh I quite like this one actually!
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  5. Unfortunately, I just caught a data entry error that changes things a bit. This next elimination was actually supposed to tie with Get Up, which at least makes the fix less messy. I'm just going to make myself feel better by saying that many of the great rates of the past had errors.




    Average: 6.733333333

    Highest Score: 10 (@Andy French)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Raichu)

    My Score: 3

    “Little Girl” was recorded for the Music sessions, but was never used.

    How in the world did this get so far? This is easily one of the most boring and soggy songs she’s ever recorded. There’s literally not a single interesting thing going on here and I feel like dragging every single one of you who gave this a high score. Little Star was saccharine too, but at least that had a gorgeous melody and dreamy production. This doesn’t have either of those things.

    WhatKindOfKylie? (8) finds another slowie he can enjoy: “Really quite lovely and soothing. Which is quite off for me to say as it happens, as don't normally like this type of thing from Madonna! An exception to the rule!” Posh Spears (6) gives it 3 points too high but I like his description: “Pleasant but trite.” Deja-Boo (7.5) invokes a much better song to talk about this one: “Damn, this is making me so emotional. It's like a sequel to Promise to Try, only instead of Madonna addressing her younger self about finding peace with her mother's death, she is guiding her own daughter through life's hardships. Because if anybody understand's the importance of a maternal voice, it's Madonna.” I can appreciate the song’s good intentions, but Promise to Try was also an extremely compelling piece of music. One Stop Candy Shop (5.5) says it’s “Cute enough, but it's not a shame this didn't get released.” Mediocrity ain’t cute. Another vote for cute from Zdarlight, who gives it an 8: “This is quite cute and gorgeous actually. Love her voice here, so pure and calm.” etienne hits it with some strong words: “Mawkish - could imagine this as an 1999 britney era b-side.” Harsh, but as @RJF once said, there’s no excuse for bad pop.
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  6. As an apology for the errors, I will eliminate another one!
  7. And here it is...



    Average: 6.866666667

    Highest Score: 10x2 (@etienne, @Sideout)
    Lowest Score: 0 (@WhatKindOfKylie?)

    My Score: 5.5

    Another day, another song from the massive Rebel Heart leak. I believe "Heaven" was one of the later songs to arrive.

    I’m kind of digging the moody atmosphere and the “Angels cry” chorus bit is nice, but overall this sounds clunky and amateurish, especially the lyrics. Some fans wanted this released instead of bangers like Bitch, I’m Madonna or Holy Water because they thought it sounded Ray of Light-esque, but I don’t really think it does. Give me Madonna’s silly bops over this dirge any day.

    etienne, one of the song’s highest scorers, saw promise in its short life: “I can see great things occurring with this one in a finalised form.” Andy French (10) also saw the potential: “This had so much potential, and I wish she'd re-recorded it and fleshed it out more.” For NigthtmareBoy (5), the vocals are not heavenly: “There's an ambitious attempt at something epic here, and an interesting melody, but her vocals are atrocious, even for a demo.” WhatKindOfKylie? (0) dismisses this as “Boring. Next!’ Meanwhile, Posh Spears (7.5) is “Liking the eeriness.”

    Hopefully this song is resting happily in heaven, but I have a feeling it’s stuck in purgatory.
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  8. Tomorrow two people lose 11s. In the same elimination.
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  9. Little Girl is not missed by me, it's a bit too much like Little Star for me. But Heaven is a beautiful song! Much better than Revolution and Freedom.
  10. With better production Heaven could be a great song. So much potential.
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  11. Also, I will do three eliminations tomorrow and one of them is a tie, so after tomorrow's eliminations, we'll know our top 20.
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  12. My 11's probably going next....
  13. I am not looking forward to the next results. Can see my #11 going out somehow.
  14. Nothing hurts today (eliminationwise), but I still like her take on If You Go Away. I feel one of my tens will go soon though.
  15. It might be my 11, I have no idea where it'll end up.
  16. This next elimination amassed a whopping 5 10s, becoming the first song in the rate to receive more than two...

    So it's seems...

    You guys thought it was a...



    (Weirdly enough, there were no fanmade covers for Cool Song, so I just made do with this)

    Average: 6.9

    Highest Score: 10x5 (@Posh Spears, @playboy69, @Andy French, @etienne, @One Stop Candy Shop)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Epic Chocolat)

    My Score: 6.5

    “Cool Song” was recorded during the American Life sessions, but was not used for the album. It was later set to an electronic instrumental, given a chorus, and released as an ITunes bonus track for the greatest hits compilation Celebration.

    I really have never understood fans’ affection for this. Yeah, I like Folkdonna too and there are some pretty compelling lyrics here, but Cool Song doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s literally the same simple melody over and over. If the instrumental was interesting, that could be fine, but it’s just a standard guitar backing, so there’s nothing to distract from the tedium. The released electronic version of this with an actual hook works much better. Don’t get me wrong. This is a good melody, but I need something else.

    Posh Spears (10) compares Madonna to somebody vile, but is also weirdly not telling any lies: “Her strange accent in the beginning makes me feel like Sarah Palin is singing NN. But unlike Sarah Palin, this song has a lot of worthwhile things to say, and I find it quite lovely! A cool song indeed.” WhatKindOfKylie? might possibly be hearing the Palin too. It would certainly help explain his zero: “Whiney and annoying! Not keen on her folk type stuff at all." What about Devil Pray? That’s a folk-bop if I’ve ever heard one. etienne (10) rates his own emotions: “i approached this one with some trepidation because of the title but low and behold its an earlier (and rather great) incarnation of its so cool. My scoring in part reflects relief.” I actually dig “It’s So Cool” quite a bit. One Stop Candy Shop (10) makes a novel proposition: “I love "It's So Cool" and this acoustic prototype is a cool song indeed. Excellent key change at 2:20. In fact, this would be just wonderful as a hidden track at the end of American Life.” If this song were a little more developed, that would actually be a pretty ace idea. Let’s pose a question to Deja-Boo (4). Is this a cool song? “No.” Okay then.

    Here’s “It’s So Cool,” the superior released version of this and a demo with a young Lourdes on it:

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  17. The folk version was a million times better than the crappy, cheesy dance version.
  18. This seems to be the popular view and I would agree if the folk version had more than one melody (okay, two including the middle-eight). I think the dance version lets the verses breath a bit.
  19. Aw, loved that one. I've actually never heard "It's So Cool" but that instrumentation is a lot.
  20. No! I was so close to giving Cool Song my 11.