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The Madonna Unreleased Rate (A winner has been crowned)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. So who will lose their 11s?...



    Average: 6.933333333

    Highest Score: 11 (@NightmareBoy)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Epic Chocolat, @playboy69)

    My Score: 6.5

    It was a bit difficult to find info on "Don't You Know," but it seems to be another early version of “Stay” in the same way that “Is This Love (Bon D’Accord)” is an early version of "Voices." It was released on Pre-Madonna, a collection of early demos from before Madonna rose to stardom.

    I actually love this song’s atmosphere. It gives me that darker underground club feel that the debut has in comparison to the brighter Like A Virgin and True Blue. And given more work, this could at least be as interesting as “Everybody.” But this one of the few songs in which I just could not manage to give it enough leeway on the technical aspects. The vocal and instrumental simply sounds too buried and murky to really enjoy and the melody is not quite there yet. But it has potential for sure and there’s something about it that makes me feel nostalgic for a time that I wasn’t even alive to experience.

    WhatKindOfKylie? (10) acknowledges the low quality but bops all the same: “The one I am listened too was quite LQ, but still found it very fun and enjoyable all the same. Love the soft syth and funk vibe it has going on.” Posh Spears (9) has me shaking my head in fervent disagreement: “So deliciously groovy. Might be better than the album version of Stay actually...” Moving on. We’ll end with NightmareBoy, whose eloquent commentary is the perfect send off: “When I think of what the Danceteria sounded like, or what early 80's New York sounded like, it sounds something like "Don't You Know". It has that kind of magic. I feel that it brings something essential to Madonna's story, and to her discography. It's probably her only song that creates a bridge between disco, her early years and the classic pop of her first album, with an unpolished and more underground edge. I'm sure that a finished version would have made a great single, but honestly, I think that this raw version is just perfect as it is, as a sonic time capsule of a fascinating era.”


    Average: 6.933333333

    Highest Score: 11 (@DrinkMyTears)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@Epic Chocolat)

    My Score: 8.5

    “Run” was recorded for the “Music” sessions, but was sent to the cutting room floor. A fan asked William Orbit to leak the full version of this, but he refused. Of course that meant that it leaked anyway, on April 19th 2011. Apparently a Swedish girl group called Sahara Hotnights recorded a cover of this, but it was never released.

    This demo admittedly sounds muddy. I don’t why the vocals are so buried; it’s bad enough that I took off half a point. But otherwise, this is a damn good song. The melody is as developed as anything on “Music” and she just sounds so good on this kind of psychedelia 70s-style pop. Her voice in on point when she sings “Run, run, run, run/Run for your life/Run, run, run/But you better think twice.” She sounds present in a way that she rarely does on her unreleased material.

    Did you guys run, run, run, from this or embrace it? etienne (5) just decides to feel guilty and then employs a metaphor that makes me kind of sad: “kind of falls into that beautiful stranger/ I'm a sinner orbit territory and I don't like that sound. At this point I'm starting to feel a bit guilty reviewing songs which were never intended to be reviewed. Its like standing on snails." Let’s lighten the mood up a bit with WhatKindOfKylie?, who gives it a 7: “Quite fun, and love the throwback vibe to both the 60's, and also her own earlier New Wave pre stardorm work! Fab guitar beat too.” I concur with this. I love 60s psychedelic Madonna. Zdarlight (9) has to stay on the run, so he keeps things brief, simply saying, “Very catchy.” Posh Spears (6) thinks it starts out running, but ends up walking while clutching its stomach: “Starts out promising but becomes forgettable.” Admittedly, my interpretation of his commentary was a bit…creative, but let me live. DrinkMyTears, who awarded this song with his sacred 11, was too distressed by its early demise to comment.

    We’ll lay Run to rest with this fan remix of the song, which I think is much better:

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  2. Today's final elimination, which will take place later today, will be the first to break through into the 7 point averages. Any idea of what it may be?
  3. The weirdest thing about the last elimination is that it was a tie that a) featured songs that both were awarded an 11 and b) both had vocals buried deeply into the mix.
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  4. I was scared for a moment that it would be my 11, but realistically I think many people like it and that it'll go far. (I'm 100% certain I just jinxed it to go out soon but anyway.)
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  5. Our first song to garner a 7 point average is...



    Average: 7

    Highest Score: 10x2 (@Zdarlight, @etienne)
    Lowest Score: 1 (@Deja-Boo)

    My Score: 6.5

    “Keep The Trance” was recorded during the Confessions sessions. As you can hear, this was an early prototype of the far inferior “Hey You,” which has the honor of being the lowest scoring song in Madonna Rate history.

    This song had a chance to be great because it sounds remarkably like La Roux’s Bulletproof, which is a bop and a half, but the dire vocals hold it back from the get go. I wouldn’t even mind that the cheesy lyrics were an accessory in the crime that was “Hey You” if the vocals were sung with any kind of tastefulness or conviction. But they are remarkably thin and grating.

    This song being linked to Hey You doesn’t stop Posh Spears (8) from having fun: “Okay this is quite fun!” In a cruel move, Deja-Boo (1) decides to bring up old traumas: “Hi @Pop Gaz! I just saw @Pop Gaz, girl!” One Stop Candy Shop (6) gives it the faintest praise possible: “Not a total mess, but definitely below COAD standards.” Zdarlight, one of the song’s highest scorers, educates me in this bit of commentary: “This demo gets a lot of shit but I adore it. Ok her vocals are messy but apart from that it's a pretty cool track. I'm glad Mirwais noticed that and took it for his own project.” I didn’t know that. What project? WhatKindOfKylie? (7) has measured praise: “Again, this feels very early old skool Madonna, but this time mixed in with mid 00's electro for good measure. The final result is something pretty catchy, if not quite amazing.” etienne’s (10) praise is more effusive: “This was such a wasted opportunity and could have been the 2008 into the groove pop moment of hard candy. I love the way mirwais must realised its potential as evidenced in its later reincarnation on the YAS album which i LOVE. If only madonna had seen this one through. Would have slotted in perfectly instead of the clunky incredible.” Wrong era, but thanks for answering my question posed to Zdarlight.

    With prototypes, I usually post what the song eventually became, but in this case, I’m not going to inflict that on you all.
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  6. And with that, our Top 20 is revealed...

    Crimes of Passion
    Stay '81
    Each Time You Break My Heart
    You Are The One
    You Thrill Me
    Gone Gone Gone
    Like A Flower
    Liquid Love
    Set The Right
    History (Land of the Free)
    Across the Sky
    Two Steps Behind Me
    Nothing Lasts Forever
    Never Let You Go
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  7. Hoping these go tracks go before the top 10 but generally happy with the Top 20:

    Each Time You Break My Heart
    You Thrill Me
    Like A Flower
    Set The Right
  8. Keep the Trance is great. YUNG GERRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! is iconic.
  9. The Top 20 doesn't look so unusual. In fact, many of the tracks I expected to make it there did, even if I don't care for all of them. But the order they go out in is fucking messy. That's all I'll say about that.
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  10. Wow I'm glad my 11 is still in but slightly surprised as people don't generally talk about it.
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  11. It's So Cool is much better than Cool Song, so not missed by me. But I love Run so it's a real shame to see that go!
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  12. Sad to see this one go just before the top 20 but it did better than expected tbh.

    @Raichu : Watch this (till the end). Imagine the polished instrumental with Madonna's (better) vocals on top. Could have been a nice bonus track on Confessions.

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  13. Well guessed I saw my 11 leaving.
    Run is just such a fun track, I prefer it to some of the songs on the Music album
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  14. I SPECIFICALLY avoided this rate because of the trauma caused by my over rating of I song I heard for the very first time for the rate, I still shiver when I see @RJF's mocking avatar.... but no, I can't escape.... My Kylie would never do this to me.
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  15. RJF


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  16. ....can't see it from behind the sofa.....
  17. *pretends not to be a part of the Hey You drama and throws @Pop Gaz to the wolves*

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  18. Hmmmmmm... Thanks for the reminder!

    HIGHEST SCORE: 8 x 2 (@Pop Gaz @GhettoPrincess)
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  20. Touche!

    My poor knowledge of gif use let me down there, I thought a repeat of yours just about covered me....

    .... but you still gave Hey You an 8/10!