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The Madonna Unreleased Rate (A winner has been crowned)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Let's hope they don't put it on our tombstones.

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  2. A few damn good bops going there, but still a pleasant enough 20 all the very same.
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  3. Somebody's 11 is going in this next elimination. But whose?...



    Average: 7.033333333

    Highest Score: 11 (@Deja-Boo)
    Lowest Score: 1 (@WhatKindOfKylie?)

    My Score: 7

    “Like A Flower” was recorded during the Ray of Light sessions, before William Orbit was brought on as the main producer. It was later given to Italian singer Laura Pausini, who recorded it for her 2004 album Resta In Ascolto (Italian for "Remain listening!"). It was given a new title: "Mi Abbandono A Te" (Italian for "I Give Up on You").

    This is quite pretty. It has a similar energy and vibe to that song she did with Ricky Martin. That being said, this is a lot more turgid and beige. The melody and vocals are on point, but the production doesn’t feel particularly inspired. I can see why she was unsatisfied with the sound and turned to somebody with a fresh approach. That being said, I do detect something of Ray of Light’s warmth and beauty in this. It’s just hiding in a song that’s just somewhat on the good side of average.

    Posh Spears (4) gives an insightful analysis on how this song fails to do justice to the hallowed “Like A” tradition: “Queen of songs beginning with “Like A.” Too bad this one is boring xx.” Giving it a “like a” title indeed doesn’t do it many favors. Zdarlight (7) thinks that its chorus lets it down: “I know many fans adore this song and while I agree that the verses are beautifully sung, I feel the chorus is a little too kitschy for my taste.” I completely agree that the chorus is cheesy, but somehow it works for me. Ballad hater WhatKindOfKylie? is getting his life to this…just kidding. He nukes it with a 1 and says, “This reminds me so why I haven't warmed to the Ray Of Light era as much as her other works. Goes on and on and I couldn't wait for it to end.” etienne says he doesn’t want to be too harsh---“i cant be too harsh on this as its pleasant enough but its not very Madonna. The verses in particular are very dull”---but then slaps it with all 5 fingers. Deja-Boo, who gave this song his sacred 11, says, “There's nothing quite like a Madonna ballad, is there. Stunning.” I actually agree with this wholeheartedly. This is not a great Madonna ballad IMO, but Madonna’s ballads do have a different feel, and this is no exception.

    For those who are interested, here’s the version of the song that was released by Laura Pausini:

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  4. Wow. Yeah, that instrumental is fucking ace.
  5. The epic humming just wasn't enough...



    Average: 7.1

    Highest Score: 10x3 (@Andy French, @DrinkMyTears, @Sideout)
    Lowest Score: 0 (@WhatKindOfKylie?)

    My Score: 7.5

    “Arioso” was recorded during the Music sessions (though it sounds Ray of Lightish to me), but weirdly enough, it came to us in the Rebel Heart leak. The song is based on Bach’s “Arioso, Adiago in G.” The ending bit, with the humming, was used as the theme song for a 1999 TV series called Wonderland.

    I think this is one of the most beautiful instrumentals she’s ever sung to; the interpolation of classical music combined with Orbit’s usual new agey ambience is enchanting. But the topline lets the song down, with a melody that doesn’t really go anywhere, vocals that are surprisingly thin for this time in her career, and somewhat whiny lyrics that are far beneath the gorgeous music. This would score much lower if not for the stunning instrumental and that epic wall of humming (truly a moment!) at the end. It’s really disappointing that the topline doesn’t come close to holding its part of the bargain because this could be a masterpiece if it did.

    Andy French (10) is enamored: “This is one of my favorites of her unreleased catalogue. "Everyone's a specialist on where I've been, and who I've kissed / The choices I should make / The lovers I should take" is one of her finest lyrics, in my opinion, and her delivery is gorgeous.” NightmareBoy (6.5) takes the humming bit and runs: “I kept hoping to hear this before it leaked, but the "Wonderland" theme was just perfect as it was and gave us the real essential part of the song. It's all about her humming.” Zdarlight (7) agrees: “Nobody hums better than Madonna.” Ain’t that the truth. WhatKindofKylie? (0) continues his vendetta against Ray of Light: “ Another less than appealing Ray of Light off cut! Eeek, I just can't like much of this era, Spritual Madonna like Ballad Madonna, is never quite my cuo of tea! Give me those bops!” I will pray for him. One Stop Candy Shop (8) namedrops one of Madonna’s biggest influences: “ABBA Vibes.” I kind of hear it. Posh Spears matches the score of a legend (me) and says, “Great, dreamy production.” The actual music is definitely this song’s best asset. Considering that this song is trying to be grand and epic, Epic Chocolat (6.5) shades the fuck out of it by saying, “Cute.”

    Here’s Bach snatching them powdered wigs:

  6. Sorry about that huge image. But it was too beautiful not to use.
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  7. No not Arioso AND Like a Flower!! PopInjustice for sure!
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  8. You monsters! How is Like A Flower out this soon? This hurts…..
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  9. y'all done fucked up

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  10. My thoughts about the song exactly
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  11. Can't lie and say I'm disappointed those two have been eliminated. Am sorry everyone. Just not for me.
  12. This next elimination is pretty famous in Madonna fandom...



    Average: 7.166666667

    Highest Score: 10x2
    (@playboy69, @Andy French)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@Deja-Boo)

    My Score: 6.5

    “You Thrill Me” was an early prototype for the song “Erotica.” It was eventually rearranged and used in a stunning performance of Erotica (though really in name only) on The Confessions Tour.

    The Confessions version of You Thrill Me is a stunningly beautiful and endlessly seductive track. This? Not so much. The main problem is the lack of a hook. The verses are still stunning and they’re sung in a sweet and seductive voice, but they are trapped in the quagmire of production that’s not close to there yet and a structure that’s much too formless. This is a more notable for what it eventually became than what it is.

    Is it thrilling you guys? Posh Spears, who again matched my score, is decidedly not thrilled: “The “I'm so in love with you” would've been a cool addition to Erotica, but for the most part this working version of the song isn't anything too special.” Consider Deja-Boo (4) unthrilled as well: “It's no Confessions Tour version, is it.” Not even close. It makes you wonder how many of these unfinished demos could be reused for a higher purpose. Who else is not thrilled? One Stop Candy Shop, who gives it a 5.5: “A bit bland, but thank the Goddess for making this MINDBLOWING on Confessions Tour.” For Zdarlight (7.5), this song is benefiting from the good will created by the Confessions version and Erotica: “It's hard to rate this one. I adore both the song Erotica and the You Thrill Me remix from the Confessions tour. Both are a perfect 10, but this demo drags a little...” WhatKindofKylie? (7) isn’t thrilled, but is seduced: “Very hypontic and seductive, but just also ever so slightly lacks that extra something that the final released version of what was Erotica would became too. Still pretty good though!” NightmareBoy doesn’t seem too impressed by this version but still gives it an 8: “It's either the final "Erotica" version (a masterpiece) or the amazing "Confessions Tour" version for me, but not this. I like it for what it is, but I understand why it had to evolve.”

    Let’s bask in the beauty of the Confessions version for a little bit:

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  13. Let's eliminate another one, shall we?...



    (Weirdly enough, I couldn't find a cover for this '81 version, but I do love this image)

    Average: 7.2

    Highest Score: 10
    (@Posh Spears)
    Lowest Score: 1 (@Epic Chocolat)

    My Score: 8

    This one is pretty self-explanatory in that it’s an earlier version of Stay. It was included on the Pre-Madonna compilation.

    This is quite epic and while I wouldn’t necessarily put above the official version, I think its great in its own right. I love how atmospheric and almost ethereal this feels. And the hooks, especially the pre-chorus, are lovely. I think the chorus isn’t quite as well formed (or maybe it's just not as well sung) as it is in the Like A Virgin version, which is why I didn’t bump my score up to a 9. But I just love how urgent this feels even though it’s quite expansive.

    You guys didn’t really have much to say about this one. WhatKindOfKylie? (8) seems to prefer this to the final version: “Doesn't quite (for me anyway) feel quite as dated as the eventual version that was to surface 3 years later. The only downside is a it a bit too frantic at times, but apart from that, this is pretty something solid. Great alternative version.” I love the franticness of it! Deja-Boo potentially concurs with WhatKindOfKylie? (7.5): “wait at this being potentially better than the Stay we actually got!” Posh Spears, the song's highest scorer, unequivocally thinks this is superior version: “Wow it’s like I’m floating in outer space. This shits all over the album version, obviously. Remind me to blast this on my next nighttime drive.” Yas! That’s an amazing idea. I already have a Madonna nighttime driving playlist and this is definitely going on it.

    It would be weird if any of you were unfamiliar with the official version, but I love embedding YouTube videos into the end of my write ups, so:

  14. I'm in a mood to kick songs off the island today, so let's do another...

    If there's one thing that doesn't last forever...

's a bop with janky ass production.



    Average: 7.266666667

    Highest Score: 10 (@Sideout)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@Andy French. When Andy French gives something a score like this, I have to check the moon cycle)

    My Score: 7

    “Nothing Lasts Forever” is yet another Rebel Heart discard.

    So, yes, the production sounds a bit cheap in places and her vocals are not great (they’re not bad either though), but I feel like this could fucking go off if it was amped up and finished in those respects. Those verses are seductive and while the pre-chorus is a bit corny, the big chorus makes up for it. I’m actually a bit disappointed this wasn’t finished because every time I listen to it, I hear a massive song in the quasi-janky demo we have.

    You know what didn’t last forever? Fucks given about this song because you guys didn’t have a whole lot to say. But One Stop Candy Shop (8.5) concurs with me on that chorus (l luuurve when people agree with me): “Flamenco guitar, (sort of) ROL era-ish vocals, glorious chorus.” So does Zdarlight, who gives it a 9: “Really like the chorus.” WhatKindOfKylie? (9) is bopping at a medium tempo: “This is pretty damn good. I was expecting something quite morbid by the title, but at least you can sort of bop to this mid tempo bop. Very hypontic too.” There’s no Posh Spears commentary because he initially forgot to score this one and then just slapped it with a 6.5. What kind of unintentional shade?
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  15. Tonight, before you go to bed, tell your 11s how much you love them. Because tomorrow 11s will be lost.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Surprised You Thrill Me has gone, thought it would of gone top 5!
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  18. How did Arioso drop out this early, it was my initial pick for 11.
  19. Another 3 good songs shown the door there. This is getting so tough.
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